Zeon Gods

what is the truth?

did they become Aeons?



At a distance or in dim lighting, the tall, slender Ur-Obun could pass for Genies. Up closer, their eyes, which lack irises and are completely black, mark them as aliens. Their skins are usually bronze, brown, red, or yellow and completely lacking in facial or body hair, although they have long manes of black or dark brown cranial hair.

All Ur-Obun are psionic, and many are fully trained mindwalkers. Perhaps because of their telepathic gifts, the Ur-Obun value consensus and community over individualism, with most becoming skilled diplomats, negotiators, and peacemakers. Many others are scholars and philosophers, but Ur-Obun excel at intellectual pursuits of all kinds. They are undeniably related to the Ur-Ukar, and their legends speak of both races once inhabiting their homeworld of Velisimil in the Orion Frontier in ages long past.

After a war between the gods, the vanquished deities departed Velisimil, taking their Ur-Ukar pawns with them. Most xenoarchaeologists believe that the Ur-Obun gods are a Precursor race christened the Anunnaki, who built the network of semi-functional jumpgates and stable wormholes in the Orion Frontier and may or may not be the original Eotians of the Helios system believed to have seeded Adnas, Aleer, and other worlds with their genome. There is likely some genetic connection to humanity, but whether the Ur-Obun are the descendants of humans modified by the Eotians/Anunnaki or if both races are the descendants of the vanished proto-human Precursor race remains undetermined.


Much of what was said above about history and abilities of the Ur-Obun also holds true for the Ur-Ukar, but there are significant differences. For a start, the Ukari live in lightless underground caverns on Kordeth, a planet light years from Velisimil with an nearly-uninhabitable surface. Ukari spend their early years in complete darkness, and wait until their sixth birthday to go to the surface of Kordeth to see the sun for the first time.

As a result of their subterranean lifestyle, the Ur-Ukar have pale white skin and hair, although their iris-less eyes remain solid black. Ukari cover their bodies in ornate ritual scars called baa’mon, a tactile alphabet of flowing, delicate patterns, meant to be read with the fingers, which records the life story of the Ukar who wears them. Ur-Ukar legend also speaks of a war between the gods like their Ur-Obun cousins, but while the Obun believe that the Ukari were banished to Kordeth as punishment for an unspecified crime committed by one of their kind in “Heaven”; the Ukari claim that their gods rescued them from a terrible fate on Velisimil and brought them to Kordeth, where the harsh environment would force them to become strong warriors in preparation for a final battle against the false gods of the Anunnaki.

The Ur-Ukar are a violent people, fighting in seemingly endless inter-clan conflicts on Kordeth, in a short but bloody war with humanity when first contact was made, and as mercenaries and assassins for hire in Near Space today. Like the Ur-Obun, the Ur-Ukar are psionic to one degree or another, but whereas the Obun prefer to develop peaceful mindwalking skills such as E.S.P. and telepathy; the Ukar favor psionic powers with applications in battle.

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