Zeizerer Munitions

An Apostae-based corporation, Zeizerer Munitions is one of a
dozen or so companies owned and controlled by House Zeizerer,
a powerful drow house that controls the city of Nightarch.
Unlike most of House Zeizerer’s business endeavors, Zeizerer
Munitions actually has more offices and holdings off Apostae
than on its parent corporation’s home world, though all the
top offices remain safely located in towers within Nightarch.
Because the company sells ammunition and batteries rather than
weaponry, numerous groups who refuse to deal with drow arms
deals in general are willing to buy batteries, darts, rounds, and
scattergun shells from Zeizerer Munition in the (questionable)
belief that ammunition carries fewer opportunities for immoral
design choices.

Zeizerer Muntion sells special longframe ammunition
magazines and batteries, designed to extend the ammuntion
or charges a weapon can carry. For any weapon that uses
batteries, darts, petrol, rounds, or scattergun shells and that
has a capacity of 5 or more, it is possible to buy a longframe
battery or magazine to extend the weapon's capacity by 20%, at a
price of 5% of the weapon (plus the price of the appropriate base
battery forweapons that use charges). In the case of batteries,
these longframe batteries are treated as their original capacity
for purposes of recharging availability, price, and time. Longframe
magazines are bought separately from the ammuntion they can
carry. Longframe batteries and magazines can only be used with
a specific make and mode of weaponl—a longframe battery for
a static shock caster has 48 charges, but can only be used in a
static shock caster.

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