Astrographical information
Region Ur Ring
Sector -
System Thuldan Prime
Suns -
Orbital position 2
Moons 1
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period 25.4 hours
Orbital period 171 days
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 8,155 miles
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Warm
Primary terrain Mixed
Surface water 55%
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species Dwarf
Primary languages Dwarven language
Government Autocracy
Population 18 Billion
Demonym Wohlhan
Major cities Imperial Palace
Affiliation Thuldan Empire

This Class 1 world is the first colony established by Gregor Kent. It is the largest planet of the system and the capitol of the Empire. More than 25 billion Thuldan citizens live and work on the surface of this bustling metropolis, and the center of it all is Imperial Palace. Contrary to the name, the Palace is actually the capitol city of Wohlha, so large that 500 million people live within its walls. The Emperor’s actual home lay within the center of Imperial Palace, the Emperor’s Keep. The Keep houses Emperor Regist and his family, advisors, guards, servants, and close friends. It is the hub of Imperial politics, constantly filled with ambassadors, senators and other sycophants currying the Emperor’s favor. Deep within the Emperor’s Keep lay the Imperial Sanctum, the private domain of Emperor Regist. It is guarded at all times by the Sons of Kent, and death comes swiftly to those uninvited who enter here.

Other sites of the Imperial Palace include the ten-story monuments to Gregor and Decret Kent, the previous Emperors, as well as to victory in the 1st Galactic War. There are currently no plans to construct a monument for the 2nd Galactic War, as no clear final victory was ever reached. To be sure, this is a sore point among the populace. Located near the Emperor’s Keep is the Museum of Conquest, where citizens can relive the military and social victories of the Thuldan people. A closed Grid network allows visitors to play the roles of vital historical figures in decisive battles. Cloistered tour guides and AI counterparts can answer any question concerning the glorious past of the Empire. Finally, the Museum is full of physical remembrances of Thuldan triumphs, such as: the Anarchist Union Constitution, the Great Pillar of Promise from the Sultanate of Fomalhaut, the mantelpiece of the last Sothvec fortress ship, the embalmed corpse of the last Taurean Senator, and the bronzed head of a Galactic Concord messenger who insulted Gregor Kent. Various lesser trophies fill the displays, from old StarMech battle drones to Solar works of art.

The Kent Hospital Institute is on Wohlha, famous as the best medical facility in the Ur Ring. Hard working Thuldan doctors perform lifesaving surgery and continue to research medical breakthroughs on a daily basis. The city of Antiquity contains the Olympic Stadium, where athletes from most of the Ur Ring try to compete with the Empire’s best.

System Governor Ethan Desse keeps his office on Wohlha, where he coordinates with the various planetary governors to ensure the system remains worthy of the Empire.

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