Biological information
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Intelligence Sentient
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Kurg
Achieved warp -
First contact -

You can’t miss a weren (pronounced “wear-enn”). He stands 2.2 meters tall and weighs in at a hefty 180 kilograms. Covered in thick fur, he has a powerful form and wicked claws that make him a formidable opponent even when he’s not carrying a weapon. A great mane of hair flares from his head, and his fur ranges from black to shades of gray to almost white.

Covered in thick fur, Werens had a powerful form and wicked claws that made them a formidable opponent even when not carrying a weapon. Their fur ranged from black to shades of gray and to almost white. The females had prominent tusks protruding from their lower jaws and a great mane of hair flared from their head. A Weren's fur shimmered and changes color to match their surroundings, making it difficult to see them in natural terrain if observed at a distance. Even in an urban setting, this natural camouflage caused the Weren to blend into the background.


Weren approach life with amazing intensity. When they embrace a new idea or belief, they become zealots. They profess the tenets of those beliefs with word, deed, claw, and war mace. Though they’re built for battle, weren also love to talk and share ideas. Not every discussion leads to a fight, and most weren won’t battle those weaker than themselves unless they are left with no choice. They have strict codes concerning honor, combat etiquette, and noble acts.

Most weren are fierce warriors, embracing the Combat Spec profession, though a few make strides as Diplomats of one sort or another, especially as clergy of a human faith or shamans of their own culture.

They have no extraordinary talent as Free Agents. Mindwalkers, or Tech Ops, however, and few weren heroes pursue those professions. Indeed, weren just can’t get the hang of any technology beyond their own level of advancement, and even most of those living in an advanced society can’t use such items without penalty.

do not possess a "lust for combat"

an overwhelming sense of duty and honor

take what had once been an
obscure cultural artifact of a long-dead northern tribe and not only
improved upon it, but we (and I'm speaking of the Seven Great Noble
Houses of Za'sh Ur), successfully exported it to the other great households
of our world. In less than 150 of your Earth years, the entire planet
had been blessed with the Wisdom of the Snow Elders and rather
than squabbling pettily over the thin red lines that divided us, we turned
our conflicts into the highest artform known to humankind - Dueling. Of
course, you wouldn't know that we have the souls of poets from looking
at, say, Grunff, for example, but even he, as loutish as he is, is not without
honor, propriety and courtesy.

Tis true that there is no substitute for good hygiene, but he is
after all one of the Nor'thren. Some lenience should be granted for our
*ahem* rather rustic brother from the Northern Wastes.

Cleanse your soul, brother, and find peace with the
Children of Kushak. There you will find True Honor. Then your blade will
have a righteous use. Cling not to your Noble Houses, they will not sustain your soul.
Instead cling to the purity of self-sacrifice and duty towards all your
brothers and sisters. That is sustenance for the soul sweeter than any

The hooded cowls that cover
your heads also blind your minds.
Your crusades, as timely and predictable
as the coming of the So’thren gypsies in spring, do press on
the patience of the Noble Houses. There is talk among the To’jhen of
increasing the bounty laid upon your hides to 300 Sovereigns, maybe
more. Were I you, I’d not journey to the spring Gathering this season. It
could be dangerous.

However, never let it be spoken that the seven families are not hospitable.
If you surrender your swords to the blademaster, we will welcome
you as we welcome all - with open arms and peace in our hearts.
The Gathering Truce will not be violated by our hands.

you can be sure that Wa'shlan Bo will
have no choice but to turn the tables of your holy war around and exterminate

Without the Noble Houses, what would those
poor, helpless people do? Who would guide them? Who would protect
them? They are like children. Without us, they wouldn't last a single harvest.
Surely you, the self-proclaimed "Shepards of Kurg" can see this,
can you not?

I say, you have been reading the Analects of Tor'ha'lel haven't
you? I recall a similar passage from the Song of Hell Ascending, book IV
or V wasn't it? Interesting work, but a trifle melodramatic, if you ask
me. And Tor'ha'lel is so passe, so gauche. Really, my dear zealot, you
should investigate the dramas of Askan Zel. She might actually inspire
within you a modicum of civility, if you catch my drift.
There is no honor in backstabbing and murder; simply cowardice.
Were you to agree, I would gladly meet you on the Dueling circle floor
and resolve our differences like gentlemen.

Our conflict
with the Houses of Hatun is nigh ending; when we have the head of
Potrell Hatun on a pike, we shall in all liklihood turn our attention to you
and your kind. Hatun and his families are paying the price for their lack
of civility and honor.

So call on your jidah for hire. I will welcome them with blade and

Jidah are predator/scavengers with a bad reputation for cowardice on Kurg, much
like the hyena of Earth.

The krult is a weren "boogieman". In Southern cultures, the krult are said to be massive,
insectoid-like beasts that are composed entirely of shadow. In the North, they are
supposedly Weren whose souls have been stolen by the Night Witches and who now
roam the earth as restless, zombie-like dead, stealing the hearts of children in the
night in order to sustain their gruesome existence.

This only City Weren matter. Not important! Not important!
Real Weren live north. Real Weren live south. No real Weren between.
Only get-lost-on-steppe-city-boys between! Real Weren mind herds
much. Little scale-guy Corporal not worry.

I do feel compelled, though, to shed a little light on the Heresies in
order to further your education of Weren ways. Kushak was in past
times known as Kus the Destroyer. Like most meglomaniacs, he
believed in racial purity and led many a pogrom against Weren not
descended from the tundra clans of Little Sister, the small continent to
the northwest of the main one. Eventually, the Noble Houses engaged
him on the Weeping Plains of Talon and devastated his armies. Kus
escaped, smuggled away from Kurg by sympathetic offworlders.

The second truth… Kushak returned to Kurg and he brought with
him the Book of True Honor, which does exist and the Tyrants but
feverishly wish was a myth.


The homeworld of the weren is known as Kurg. When human star-ships reached the planet, the weren clans were deeply involved in their world’s version of the Renaissance. It was a great time of learning, debate, and speculation about the nature of life. The printing press, the scientific method, the flintlock—all these and more can be found in weren society of this time. But this age of enlightenment did not deter the weren from continuing to pursue their true forte: war

At the time humans first encountered the species, the small skirmishes that were a constant way of life for the weren had escalated to a point where the entire planet was embroiled in a raging war. This state of affairs served to keep them sharp, battle-ready, and at the peak of their aggressive and savage nature— despite the attempts of humans and radical weren religious leaders to teach them a more peaceful way of life.

Philosopher-warriors, weren appear to be a dichotomy of enlightened scholars and noble savages. They have combined the two ways of life well, effortlessly debating with words one moment and with claws or flintlocks the next. Considered primitive by the standards of the galactic community (and mostly unwilling to use high-tech equipment anyway), weren are nevertheless sought-after companions as humans spread out farther into the regions of the unknown.


The weren are a highly passionate species, in word and deed. This passion sometimes carries through in their spiritual life, where religion may be practiced with a great fervor few species can match. Even contact with the universe beyond Kurg has not dampened the natural enthusiasm of those weren with religious leanings. Some of these weren have embraced the religion of their Orlamu benefactors with the typical fervor, while many others continue to take comfort in the ancient religions of Kurg. A few have followed different paths and developed theological systems that meld old and new schools of thought.


One Clan

One such religion is the Norukroth, the One Clan.

The One Clan, or the Children of Kushak as it is commonly called, was founded by a former Weren noble, Kushak of Clan Samgrel. Kushak was a powerful and respected warrior of his clan who gave up his former life of nobility after a series of events led to his questioning of Weren society. From these ponderings he developed a theological viewpoint of the cosmos that make up the core teachings of the One Clan. These beliefs center around the conflict between the Path of Darutbru (True Honor) and the Path of Ashket (Decay).

According to his doctrine one who follows the Path of True Honor dedicates oneself to protecting all sentients rights, eliminating the artifice of position and exclusivity that promotes unnecessary conflict. Followers of True Honor disdain the system of Clan honor practiced by the majority on Kurg and consider it a corruption of the true spirit of weren honor. The Children of Kushak believe that one who follows the Path of Decay disrespects life and maintains corrupt social structures that pit sentients against another for unjust reasons. The Children of Kushak consider the nobles of the weren clans to be the primary followers of the Path of Decay. There goal is to rid Kurg of the clan system as it exists and replace it with the One Clan, where everyone is considered family and an ally in the battle against Decay.

The Three Arms of the One Clan

The Children of Kushak are currently broken down into three internal groups, the Brethren of the Sun (Tinnale Kron), the Brethren of the Moon (Moon Kron), and the Brethren of the Stars (Eshrut Kron).

The Sun Brethren are the holy warriors of the One Clan and train to fight Decay's servants. They are both strong in body and spirit, and fanatical in their mission. They are skilled hunters, as well as warriors, and their chief prey is often known enemies of the One Clan. The Sun Brethren consider it a great honor to die in battle for the cause and won’t back down from a fight unless their adversary repents and gives up the ways of Decay. To help in their crusade, many Sun Brethren are trained as psionic talents, favoring the Biokinesis discipline and the specialty skill of Shatter.

The Brethren of the Moon are the healers and ambassadors of the One Clan. They try to temper the fanaticism of the Sun Brethren with acts of kindness and diplomacy. They are not pacifists though and will defend themselves with claw and weapon if words do not suffice. While they support the Sun Brethren's constant battle against Decay, they focus on helping others in more mundane ways, such as healing and teaching. Many Brethren of the Moon consider themselves the keepers of the word of Kushak with the Sun Brethren as their protectors. They believe that once Decay is defeated, all Brethren will become as the Moon and live in harmony.

The Brethren of the Stars are those Children who do not follow a particular role in the religion but are believers in the doctrine of Kushak. Many of the weren commoners of Kurg fit this description. They make up the majority of the Brethren but follow the religious edicts of the Sun and Moon Brethren. While not trained like the Sun Brethren, some Star Brethren are formidable warriors willing to fight the evil of Decay.


The weren language is composed of harsh guttural sounds and is quite simple for most races to replicate. Some of the concepts that other races grasp easily had no direct equivalent until weren joined the galactic community, such as; surrender, diet (self induced rationing), and pacifism. Other concepts are even more pervasive, having dozens of meanings, such as; blood (that which runs through one’s veins vs. that which binds clans vs. that which you sacrifice vs. that which you spill from your enemy) and honor (personal vs. clan vs. that which is not one’s own.)

Weren names consist of a cub name (given by parents) which is replaced by an earned name during puberty after a great battle or accomplishment (usually given by a clan leader). Each weren also possesses a clan identifier that is only given among other weren to identify clan honor and rivalries.

Example Names: Kalden (Red Graat Clan), Krela (Burning Claw Clan), Tretal (High Mountain Clan), Paagtrel (Longrot Clan)

Weren Clans

  • Samgrel Clan
  • Red Graat Clan
  • Burning Claw Clan
  • High Mountain Clan
  • Longrot Clan
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