Located in the Prashulde Province, this system was formerly a holding of the Anarchist Union. Whiteout’s star is class O4, a huge white giant, bathing everything in the system over in pure bright light. Since the Class 1 planet of Markenshire was conquered by the 55th Legion in 2355, the populace has slowly been assimilated into Thuldan society. The seven billion citizens here are loyal, productive members of the Thuldan Empire. Indeed, the average school children consider it foolish of their ancestors to have created such a weak country.
Interestingly, the Anarchist focus on law seems to have struck root on Markenshire. The Orlando Law Academy has produced several of the most skilled lawyers in the Empire. Headmaster Gavin Talos (Hm/Thuldan/NP) has produced numerous legal and ethical treatises on the subject of Mutant Civil Rights for the Galactic Concord.
System Governor Elizabeth Augustiwitz (Xf/Thuldan/DCS-5) works hard to ensure Whiteout’s economy continues to recover from the rigors of GW2 at a good pace. Her system is protected by Commander William Holly (Hm/Thuldan/CS-10) and his flotilla led by the heavy cruiser ITV Kisada.

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