Astrographical information
Region Ur ring
Sector Rigunmor Sector (18.3)
System -
Suns -
Orbital position -
Moons -
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Diameter -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Primary terrain -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species Human
Primary languages -
Government -
Population 63 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation Galactic Concord

V15-10-N, also called Vision, is a world that was once a part of VoidCorp, but now a member of the Galactic Concord. It is the planet often regarded as the middle of the Techworlds Triangle.

Planetary features

Cities and regions

Points of interest

Land features and formations

Flora and Fauna


Insight's freedom lead to revolution and betrayal. It started with small things. Free thought lead to radical ideas. They began to see the grid as humanities next step of ascension. Information, to an Inseer, is born free, and should not be bound by any government or corporation. Aware of how VoidCorp would react to any statement of Insight's principles, the revolution stayed underground. While Insight kept the image of loyal productive servants, the vice president met with representatives of the FreeSpace Alliance (Orion League, Borealis Republic, and Orlamu Theocracy) in 2394 during the Second Galactic War. This set in motion a plan for the next 50 years. In that time, Insight was the most valuable intelligence asset in human history. They uncovered key elements of the Expansion Pentad's (VoidCorp, Hatire Community, Nariac Domain, and Thuldan Empire) strategies, plans, and military placements. Unaware of the source of their intelligence reports, the Orion and Orlamu militaries were remarkably well prepared for the Pentad's offensive. Time after time FreeSpace attacks found VoidCorp weaknesses, without significant damage to Insight assets. Insight treachery can account for many of the FreeSpace Alliance's successes. Still trapped in corporate grasp, they anxiously awaited the opportunity to leave VoidCorp behind.

Then on February 5th, 2460, independence was declared. Insight positioned its strength and seven defecting VoidCorp fortress ships gave the new nation a fierce bite. VoidCorp was stunned. Insight's treachery was the best kept secret of the century. Ignoring Insight's warnings, VoidCorp massed their fleet to crush the upstart state. On May 10th, 2460, the entire VoidCorp grid crashed. Entire datacores were erased, and star systems found their networks unresponsive. Many VoidCorp drivesats simply vanished. The damage to VoidCorp economy and infrastructure couldn't be measured; VoidCorp is still recovering today. The invasion of Insight was aborted; buttressed by FreeSpace assistance, Insight survived until the war's end.

With their new freedom, Insight shed most relics of VoidCorp's organization. No new formal government has been established to take place over the old one. To outsiders no order can be discerned. The best way to describe Insight is institutionalized anarchy. They will admit the administration is unconventional, but point to a clear pecking order set by reputation and gridpiloting ability. Insight has a very unique approach to grid hardware and software. While VoidCorp remains universal and fixed, Insight environments allow greater creativity and individuality. When used by skilled gridpilots, Insight systems provide the best performance known. Insight's relentless advances into VoidCorp's markets has fueled the hatred felt for its rebellious child. VoidCorp has refused to recognize Insight's independence except to the extent required by the Treaty of Concord. While open warfare is not allowed under the Concord, the war still rages on of Insight vs. VoidCorp in the grid where the Concord cannot police.


Vision is home to one of the most advanced Grids in human space.

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