Varan Group

The Varan Group is a large star cluster on the border of Illithspace. It is peopled by Varan nobles and their numerous slaves. Most of the Varan living within the Group have family or friends in ser­vice with the illithids, and have allowed the illithids room to build fortresses and out­posts.

Many planets in the Varan Group are ice planets due to a manifest zone, inhos­pitable to most races. The illithids find them quite com­fort­able, how­ever, and the Varan have build luxurious accommodations to make themselves comfortable as well.

Hanging with their total bros the Illithids; doing whatever the Illithids tell them to do; making others respect them if only because if the Varan get themselves in trouble the Illithids will have their back.

The fact that they’ve got to do pretty much whatever the Illithids tell them to do; the Bjarni Trade Barons, a group that work as traders and are independent of the Illithids, which is very un-bro like behavior.

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