The Varan (vah-RAHN) are elite and willing servants of the Illithids to serve as spies and envoys to other species. They thrive on their wealth and status above the more "common" illithid slaves.

They live in a cluster of stars called the Varan Group. Also currently occupying Calimar and her moons.

The Varan are the slaves of the illithids but are a step above the common illithids slaves and aren't used as cattle. Instead they willingly serve the illithids and are rewarded with their lives, lives that are very like those of most other species. They travel and trade on their own and their masters' behalves. They may learn skills and professions just as others do, however, religion is outlawed. Most enjoy a middle or upper middle class standard of living and those who serve especially well can live like royalty. It should thus be no surprise that most Varan are completely loyal to their potentially harsh masters. In fact, most Varan will only ever see an illithid a few times during their life and many will never actually meet one (just observe one from afar) at all.

Varan envoys, mechanics and operatives are very common. The illithids don't value soldiers as much since they have common, grunt slaves to do their fighting but they recognize the need for the Varan settlements to be able to defend themselves and for soldiers to maintain the peace and crew trading ships. Soldiers thus will have specialties such as marines and myrmidons.

Operatives, especially smugglers and spies, are commonly trained and used by the illithids.

The illithids do not allow servants of "higher powers" of any sort among the Varan so there are no priests of any type. The illithids don't trust those who derive their power from other sources, sources foreign and often innimical to the illithids.

There is a small part of Varan society that has rebelled from the illithids and formed their own settlements, rather than fleeing to the settlements of other races to hide from their old masters. These "Free Varan" as they identify themselves have a few priests and other religious sorts. Otherwise they are very similar to their illithid serving kin. In fact, the free Varan have been successfully and heavily penetrated by illithid spies and manipulators but the illithids allow them to remain free for now, granting them an alternate avenue to accomplish their goals.

The free Varan do not see a lot of use in religion but those of them who do tend to be very zealous. Simply engaging in an activity opposed by the illithids is a form of rebellion to them but they also realize that any religion that manages some great task, such as destroying an illithid outpost, will gain prominence and converts very quickly and could be come a leading, dominant force in their society. Most every type of religion that doesn't favor or allow slavery is welcome and found among the Varan, including non-human gods, as the Varan desperately seek to find their own way in the world.

Having formed an alliance with the illithids many cycles ago, the Varan have enjoyed their posi­tion as nego­tia­tors and scouts for the mind flay­ers. Unfor­tu­nately, this role has caused other species to view the Varan as trai­tors and slavers. The Varan pay this little heed, as they know they can demand respect for them­selves by call­ing on the might of their mas­ters.

Aside from the Bjarni Trade Barons, the Varan pro­duce no goods and indulge in little trade. Their wealth comes from their employ­ment with the illithids, who have set up their ser­vants as petty nobles. The Varan pro­vide man­power for the illithids, who in turn pro­vide crea­ture com­forts.

The aver­age Varan is pre­dis­posed toward activ­i­ties of the less-than-legal sort. Over the cen­turies, they have come to view such activ­i­ties as per­fectly accept­able, though they real­ize that few other races share this out­look. Varan don’t like to hear the nasty rumors about their illithid allies, but they don’t go out of their way to defend them either. To the typ­i­cal Varan in the space­port, the illithids are a source of income and no more.

ancient gods of both good and evil from the sphere's past (now worshipped by Varan cultists)

the illithids would undoubtedly like to get hold of the Xixchil to alter their Varan spies to look like other races, or even individuals.

The illithids aren't fooled by the Neogi, but the two races have long dealt with each other on peaceful terms so they aren't troubled by the neogi, so long as the settlements of their Varan slaves aren't raided.

Hurwaeti have no love for the Varan, illithids, or neogi and aren't fooled by any of them.

Free Varans

Varans that have rebelled from the illithids. Are they slowly dying because they require something from the illithids to keep them alive?

Visual Cue

The Tranquil are mages who went through the Rite of Tranquility and belong to the Formari of the Circle. The Rite cuts off the connection to the Fade, and the Tranquil can no longer dream nor draw on the Fade to perform magic. As a side effect, their emotional center is utterly removed, which makes them undesirable to be possessed by demons in the first place. Until 9:40 Dragon, the Tranquil were widely believed to be immune to demonic possession

The Tranquil resemble sleepwalkers, never entirely awake nor asleep. In the mind of the Tranquil, there is no passion. They keep to themselves, and, if asked directly, will readily agree that having the opportunity to live out a peaceful and useful existence is far preferable when compared to what their alternatives would have been. They are also aware of the difference between their former selves and their Tranquil states, and able to understand that things that have happened to them since becoming Tranquil would have upset or traumatized their former selves.

A gas mask and robes?

Forehead mark?

Something slithering under their skin?

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