Sapient slimes.

Most Imperial citizens consider the various slimes and oozes found on so many worlds to be a simple (if sometimes deadly) threat to be avoided or exterminated.

The ulb are anything but.

Less common than many of the other races, the ulb flourish on hot, humid worlds. Even after they were discovered, it took several hundred years before anyone realized that they were an intelligent race, much less that they were an extremely pious race that worshipped aspects of the Unification gods.

Until recently, most citizens had never seen an ulb, except possibly in the largest of the Unification churches, and even then, they probably had no idea what exactly it was they were looking at. Most ulb have been content to either stay on their homeworlds or else join ships crewed entirely by their own kind. Given the damp, thickly smelling environments that they prefer, this was probably for the best for all concerned. However, with the long feared crowning of an Asamet emperor, the ulb have been increasingly active, making allies and earning favors to prepare for the dark times ahead that they claim were foretold by their prophets 6,000 years ago.

Ulb Lands

Ulb prefer damp climates and can adapt to most worlds so long as they avoid deserts. They are most frequently found on worlds that are dominated by fungal ecosystems, and as such rarely have had to share their worlds with humanoid races. In the last two centuries, the ulb have begun looking into developing vacuum–resistant fungal technologies like the living ships of the elves so that they can create self-growing colonies on moons or even large asteroids with sufficient water or ice. Acquiring new territory has become one of the race’s highest priorities since the crowning of Mezzenbone.

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