Nearly as remote as Drachen­gard, this Thoric set­tle­ment is made up mostly of explor­ers and traders. Tron­sog­ard is a rough-and-tumble place. Rugged adven­tur­ers will fit right in here, but refined trav­el­ers may be a bit offended by the squalid living con­di­tions. Though they have the appear­ance of bar­bar­ians, the Thoric here are as civ­i­lized as any. They simply don’t spend as much time on com­fort and appear­ances as other colonies might. Things here are built to be func­tional and simple to repair, a qual­ity which has endeared Tron­sog­a­r­dian equip­ment to many a spell­jam­mer cap­tain.

Tronsogard (TAG page 17) is "made up mostly of exporers and traders" and Tronsogardian equipment is liked by many spelljamming captians. So this place should have a spartan, but well visited port.

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