Trayken System
Trayken System
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Trayken System

Also home to Bolida, Hobgoblins, Humans and eladrin

Threats include grey goo, giant carnivorus slugs, carnivorus plants and large vermin.

religion is strong. but there is political unrest.

a strange type of technology.

Rare and temporary Time bubbles. strange dialations, slowing, quickening, or even reversing.



Terrestrial Komapu
Crimson plant life. Thin atmosphere. no moons

Küme Pichi

most of the land is on the equator with land bridges to the polar regions. 2 moons

Küme Fotetuwe

Water world
collection of small landmasses. 1 moon

Küme Trayken

Terrestrial Küme Trayken
high gravity. dome cities. sea filled craters connected by massive canyons. 3 moons

Küme Tromü

deep geological features. one moon


Gas Giant
low gravity. liquid gas rivers float through the atmosphere. The ring of the world is more liquid gas. Blue colored. two moons


Trinona gas giant with rings


Ice World
low gravity. continent sized glaciers float on a liquid sub-ocean, playing out plate tectonics at a rapid geological speed. two moons

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