Tir Éadan
Tir Éadan
Founded -
Location -
Capital tar-darach
Government Monarchy
Head of State Star Queen
Cela Óirsleá Eirín
Legislature -
Judiciary -
Major Species Eladrin
Military -
Intelligence Services -
Language Sylvan language

Tir Éadan is an interstellar eladrin kingdom. Some might refer to it as an empire. The founding of the kingdom was greatly assisted by the Witchwyrds. They have an uneasy truce with the Illithids, which the Neogi help keep in place. This allows the Neogi to be positioned as Tir Eadan's most powerful trading partner.

Tir Éadan is one overarching empire but it came from unifying numerous colonies that hadn't had contact with each other for centuries.

Unde­ni­ably the most pow­er­ful group in the Fehu Ring. The most warlike and aggressive of the Eladrin kingdoms.

They have also har­nessed the inher­ent power of solar energies to ener­gize the incred­i­bly swift and deadly crys­tal ships.

Of all factions of Fehuspace, Tir Éadan is the most openly bent on expand­ing their empire. Their crys­tal ships sweep the systems peri­od­i­cally for slaves, who are trans­ported to crystal mines. Immense crys­tal fortress-stations glide through space, pow­ered by solar energies and intent on con­quest.


Tir Éadan has always man­aged to get a better deal than others.

They learned technology from the Witchwyrds. And soon began to explore the stars. Real­iz­ing just how much of an upper hand they had on the other inhab­i­tants, the Eladrin set out for glory. The Thoric and Calid­ian peo­ples remem­ber well the savage vio­lence of those days. Their leg­ends speak of the con­quer­ing legions of “sky people” and their hor­ri­ble acts. To this day, Thoric and Calid­ian cit­i­zens are uncom­fort­able around Eladrin.

The Empire spread like wild­fire through Fehuspace and even­tu­ally became the undis­puted rulers of the entire ring.

War with the Illithids

Illithid aggres­sion put an end to that belief. Unused to defend­ing their homes from assault, the Eladrin were caught off guard by the mind flayer assault. One by one, the Eladrin lost the ter­ri­to­ries they had gained. Furi­ous, they pre­pared to counter-attack, but the illithids were like smoke before the wind. Fight­ing a guerilla war from the shad­ows was a mind flayer spe­cialty, and it was some time before the Eladrin were able to adjust their tac­tics to take this into account. By the time the Eladrin were ready to fight on the mind flay­ers’ terms, their oppo­nents changed the rules.

The illithids began using undercover agents to infil­trate Eladrin tar­gets. Lines of supply col­lapsed and more than one crys­tal ship mys­te­ri­ously dis­ap­peared with all hands lost. The illithids were win­ning the war.

Des­per­ate and ter­ri­fied of losing their empire, the Eladrin sought new answers to their prob­lems. While saineolaí stud­ied the texts of the ancients, Eladrin diplo­mats sought allies. The Witchwyrds were willing to lend a hand, but only for a price.

The witchwyrds promised to deliver aid to the Eladrin in exchange for spe­cial con­sid­er­a­tions to be named later. Des­per­a­tion drove the Emperor to agree, and the Witchwyrd made their first deliv­ery.

First came the secrets of sun magic. These pow­er­ful spells (detailed in The Celes­tial Almanac) did much to turn the tide of the war. When the Arcane demon­strated how it could also power their crystal ships, the bal­ance of power shifted back to the Eladrin, but only mar­gin­ally.

The war between the illithids and Sun Mages lasted for decades, and would have con­tin­ued had the neogi not stepped in as arbi­tra­tors. Know­ing that such fierce and wide­spread war was bad for trade, the neogi forced an agree­ment between the illithids and the Eladrin. The pact was forged under threat of trade embar­goes and veiled promises of piracy, and has lasted to this day. Espi­onage and treach­ery are the tools used by the Eladrin now, rather than spells and crys­tal ships.

Cur­rently, Tir Éadan seems to be in a state of stasis. Their empire has not expanded appre­cia­bly in the past sev­eral years, and they seem to have let up their shadow war with the illithids. Rumors abound, of course. Appar­ently, crys­tal ships have been spied outside the empire. What­ever is going on, it will be good only for them.

Member worlds

The Eladrin empire does not extend as far as their ships will allow but is extensive. They are not in control of all the territory in range of their powerful crystal ships due to opposing forces, especially the illithids. Their possible expansion is limited by the limited range and number of their crystal ships (which they rely on to subjugate and control territory) as well as communications delays.

Other stellar locations

  • The Geimhle System
  • Shakalman System - Crystalline worlds, Eladrin shipyard for Crystal ships.
  • Golden System - 1st asteroid belt, controlled by the Eladrin. Many slave farms. 3 flat artificial worlds for nobles: Kashimar, Mu-Thalak, Tan-Sharm
  • The Tumara Cloud - 700 mile nebula hides unknown number of Eladrin ships.


  • Atalan - Eladrin city build to float on water world

Government and law

Matriarchal society.

Today, the Sun Mages are the rulers of a Romanesque empire. Their soci­ety is based on their impe­r­ial ideals, and is extremely harsh.

Star Queen Cela Óirsleá Eirín


The upper class employs innumerable slaves.

Some noble houses are resistant to non-magical fire damage.

Promising youngsters can attain the status of minor nobles by being accepted as an apprentice by a Saineolaí (the noble houses are constantly looking to increase their power so training a promising student that owes them fealty is a good move, just like a powerful lord adding a skilled knight to those who served him was desirable in feudal times).


dominated by powerful scholars who make up the majority of the ruling noble class.

The Saineolaí are nobles who enter into university. They are highly valued and are considered the top of the social order. Since only nobles can be Saineolaí, peasant scholars do not exist

Scholarship is a sign of nobility and noble training.

Only nobles are allowed to have arcane education.


female priestesses called Judicants that serve as judge, jury, and executioner.

Crime is rare, as even minor offenses carry extreme penal­ties, enforced by the ruth­lessly effi­cient Judi­cants. Travel through Eladrin space is very strictly con­trolled by the Judi­cants as well, lim­it­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ties of sabo­teurs to harm the empire from within. When in their area, it is wise to follow the com­mands of the Judi­cants if a trav­eler wishes to avoid prison terms. While the Sun Mages are liable to allow pas­sage to legit­i­mate traders (for a fee, of course), smug­glers are destroyed on dis­cov­ery. This does make the black market a highly prof­itable arena to work in, but such careers are short-lived in areas con­trolled by the Judi­cants.


Thieves are actively hunted, with those caught usually being condemned to a hard labor camp (usually mining but may be farming) for the rest of their lives. This has not stopped the proliferation of thieves in the empire as it is the most metropolitan of all the cultures in the Fehu Ring as well as one of the most populous. Most of the thieves in the Eladrin empire are those that are not too obvious or can develop alliances with influential members of the community (such as assassins, beggars, fences, and smugglers) because of the harsh laws.


possess a powerful military

Soldiers, as in most any culture, are quite common in the Eladrin empire. Soldiers wear red and gold clothes and armor. As many of them are soldiers, they typically favor defensive garments over that which emphasizes maneuverability, as they are not a culture that places as great an importance on stealth. Their clothing tends to come in warm tones of red, brown, gold, bronze, and black.



Eladrin ships use the same technology as the Witchwyrds, an interstellar drive called the Planar Aperture Drive.

Military tech

They possess the ability to craft sunforged equipment, which includes sunforged blades and legendary armor.

Only nobles are allowed to carry sunforged blades. Sunforged blades are considered very high-class weapons. The manufacturing of them probably requires a very powerful Sunfire mage/blacksmith and I assume there's not many around.


Eladrin are, for the most part, a reclu­sive people, pre­fer­ring not to inter­act with other races if it can be helped. They are not shy, but racial biases make them hes­i­tant to asso­ciate with the “lesser races.” Even ser­vants of the Eladrin (and some slaves) share the arro­gant big­otry of their mas­ters. Cit­i­zens of Tir Éadan, and those who serve them, hon­estly believe that their race is the only one fit to rule the world.

Within their borders, the eladrin tend to be whimsical and passionate, yet when dealing with outsiders their laughter disappears quickly, replaced by a cold, unyielding wall. Eladrin soldiers and envoys operating outside of thier home world on government business always go masked, hiding their identities around other races in order to better represent a united state.

Eladrin masks are a pride of their wearers. The more wealthy the eladrin, the more elaborate the mask.

The eladrin have tamed tinacals as mounts and pets.

Garments are varied due to the extremely hierarchical structure of their society.

With travel so tightly restricted, it is very dif­fi­cult to get to and from the most inter­est­ing areas. On the other hand, there is plenty of oppor­tu­nity for intrigue within the court. Lit­er­ally hun­dreds of nobles exist within the com­pli­cated Eladrin bureau­cracy, and they all hatch plots as a hobby. Find­ing employ with these self-seek­ing indi­vid­u­als is not dif­fi­cult, but not always safe. One never knows the sort of unhealthy busi­ness such work might entail .



Priests are not afforded nearly the respect they are in most cultures and are highly distrusted by the nobility. No church is allowed to develop a great deal of influence or power due to the paranoia of the upper class.

Additionally, the nobles don't want the religions to gain power so they're happy to encourage a plethora of competing faiths among their people. Truly good deities are rare, however, as the Eladrin Empire is not a nice place. Most any sun or fire deity can be easily introduced into the Eladrin Empire with those who have links to crops and natural cycles having especial prominence as so many of the isolated colonies would have had to rely on them for so long. Martial deities will have gained prominence and power with the rise of the empire as well. Deities of trade will have typical places but those representing travel and exploration, an imperial function rather than an individual one, will be very poorly represented. Deities of law, order, rulership, governance, and the like will be very well looked upon so long as they are neutral or evil and support the current system. Deities of freedom will be found only among the slaves, and thus their faiths will be carefully hidden.

Cult of Dragon worshipers.

Fire-based religion. Ordeals of fire.


the average Eladrin doesn't have the money for slaves



Special treatment and an exchange of culture and technology.


The sworn enemy of the kingdom. Now at an uneasy truce, or a cold war, depending on who you ask.


Powerful trading partner.

The Eladrin could not keep SJ for themselves, try though they might. Some of their slaves revolted from time to time and those that were successful took ships elsewhere in the cluster, spreading SJ once more to the other races. The Thoric and Calidians both adopted SJ quickly and prospered by it, as well as spreading it still further. With Eladrin aggression the elves also helped spread SJ, becoming some of the first suppliers of helms to the other fledgling outposts of SJ aware civilization. The Eladrin also encountered other spelljamming groups. The neogi had a heavy presence in the cluster for a very long time as they raided the primitive settlements for slaves and resources. Some historians have even suggested that it was a large colony that successfully fought back and took over a neogi ship that first began the Eladrin empire. The illithids were more of a problem. They, too, had had knowledge of SJ for a very long time (how do you stop creatures that innately plane-hop from learning what their kin in other spheres know?) and were already establishing an empire for themselves in Clusterspace. Additionally, they not only had traditional slaves but they also had learned from their millennia past gith rebellions and created a special noble class beneath them, gifting their best slaves with power, status, and training. The Varan were and are excellent, highly motivated, highly disciplined troops and agents for the illithids and caused the burgeoning Eladrin Empire immediate grief. In order to fend off the illithids and hold their empire together, the Eladrin turned to the dwarves. They had encountered many scattered dwarven settlements and found them tenacious fighters, not worth the trouble of trying to enslave, despite the high quality of their workmanship. So instead they now introduced the dwarven colonies to SJ travel as well as hiring them as mercenaries to help deal with the illithid threat.

Arcane and the Sun

This plot is also ridiculous on many levels. Why do the demons (tanar'ri) really care about one sphere? Especially this one. How did they ever manage to get together as CE backstabbers and enemies and iron out an agreement with the Arcane? Why would anyone, especially the rigidly LN arcane, ever trust a demon, let alone all demons, to keep their part of an agreement? Even greater gods can't bind entire races to a contract, let alone all the myriad demons and every one that will spontaneously generate in the future. Replace this plot with a much more simple, straightforward alliance between the arcane and the Eladrin. This is a non-exclusive alliance, however, and the arcane will deal with anyone except the neogi just as they will anywhere else (the arcane aren't conned by the neogi's facade here). What the Eladrin have managed, however, is the exclusive rights to the sun ships and the crystal citadels. In order to increase the range of these, the Eladrin are working to increase the sun's power and size.

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