Thuldan Prime
Thuldan Prime
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Affiliation Thuldan Empire

The capital cluster of the Thuldan Empire. It consists of five habitable planets, and is heavily populated.

Thuldan Prime is the very first system colonized by Gregor Kent and his followers after their departure from Earth. Critics of Kent’s epic trip to the stars said that no independent colony could survive so far from Earth. History has proven them more wrong than they ever could have imagined. The system has not only survived, but birthed a nation far mightier than the Terran Empire. When the 1st Galactic War erupted, Thuldan Prime was already a military fortress, the core of resistance to Earth.

During the Interbellum, three planets of the G4 yellow star were not just terraformed, but had their orbital paths altered, via drastically powerful techniques. This successful feat is one of the wonders of the galaxy, as the planets were made to orbit Thuldan Prime so that all five worlds would line up perfectly once every five years. The spectacle is a sight to behold, as even the capitol world of Wohlha falls under the shadow of this grand achievement.

Naturally, the Thuldan Prime system is the best protected in the Empire, and it has never seen the presence of a foreign fleet. Not only is there an entire Province of Thuldan space set up to insulate the capitol Ironheart Province, but the Thuldan Zuerst Fleet maintains a powerful presence here, and the flag ship ITV Emperor Gregor I makes regular stops through the system. Thuldan Prime’s full-time command ship is the dreadnought ITV Cerberus, run by Field Marshall Ivana Konepsky (Hf/Thuldan/DTO), a veteran of GW2.


see Torgottheit

The innermost planet is a small, arid world. Torgottheit is one of the three planets whose orbit was drastically altered. It was terraformed during the process at great expense. Its sole moon had to be removed during the effort, and was broken down over the years into raw materials for terraforming and other industrial uses.

The planet does host a few respectably sized seas, but no oceans to speak of. Despite it’s environment, approximately 8 billion Thuldans find Torgottheit a fine place to live. The inhabitants consider the temperature pleasantly warm, and the dry air to be clean and crisp. Planetary Governor Edward Stevens makes his home along the Kartusian Peninsula. The longest such feature on Torgottheit, the peninsula rests high above sea level, is full of rocky cliffs, and home to the port city of Ruhen.


see Wohlha


see Apfelbaum

Apfelbaum is a beautiful terran world of seven oceans, and the only planet other than Wohlha not to require terraforming or orbital correction. Six different continents share the surface with Apfelbaum’s oceans, large enough to accommodate its 10 billion citizens. The capitol city of Bärkon is said to be a marvelous example of dwarven architecture.

Fort Kent is the largest military training academy in the Empire, accounting for some of the very best Thuldan officers. The Emperor’s sons Brian and Victor make regular visits to the Fort to inspect the new recruits and maintain the academy’s prestige. Fort Kent also contains a weapons research and development center, along with extensive field testing facilities. In fact, the top 10 students from every graduating class receive the option to help test experimental equipment. The 1st Legion’s central headquarters is also located on Apfelbaum, fairly close to Fort Kent.

Apfelbaum’s Planetary Governor is Gavin Arp (Hm/Thuldan/CS-12), the former brother-in-law of the Emperor. Himself a graduate of Fort Kent, Gavin ensures the facility never lacks for funding, often taking money from his own funds rather than cutting into other budgets.


see Uberberg

The fourth planet of Thuldan Prime is Überburg, a terraformed world whose orbit was altered during the Interbellum. While very similar in size and population to Apfelbaum, it boasts more industrial capability than any other planet of the system. Most of Überburg’s manufacturing is small-scale products: household appliances, handheld electronics, construction tools, and military firearm. A smaller percentage of plants produce sky cars, grav tanks, and other personal transportation vehicles. Planetary Governor Amanda Sorez has recently fallen below the projected annual output, and is frantically seeking ways to make up the lost production before the Emperor replaces her.

Überburg’s planetary defense is considerable, centered on the Seefestung Defense Grid and run planet-side from Fort Steele’s central command. Also called Wagenritt, central command is the meeting place of the imperial Military Board, the six overall commanding officers of the army and navy. These Field Marshalls and Consuls are among the most influential people in the Empire, directing the training and movements of the entire imperial military. The Military Board gathers here a minimum ten times each year. Fort Steele is also the headquarters of the 2nd Legion. Their commanding officer, Praetor Tacitus Corvus (Hm/Thuldan/DCS-16), runs Wagenritt when the Military Board is not convened.


see Walhall

The outermost world of the system, Walhall has a colder average temperature than the rest. Like Torgottheit and Überburg, Walhall was not habitable until its orbit and atmosphere were precisely altered. Now it is home to 9 billion Thuldans. Its most well known feature is the Planetary Governor’s residence, a labyrinthine structure carved through the highest mountain of the planet, Mount Wotan. The current governor is Marilyn Surma, a distant cousin of the Emperor.

As Walhall marks the edge of Thuldan Prime’s inner system, it is the natural point for the system’s naval defense and the Imperial Thuldan Zuerst Fleet headquarters. Field Marshall Laurence Black coordinates Zuerst Fleet operations from his command center in the Asen Orbital Spacedock. His headquarters is often visited by Ligarius Kent, Field Marshall of the Interior Navy, as well as the fortress ship ITV Emperor Gregor I and dreadnaught ITV Cerberus.


see Herakles

Herakles is Thuldan Prime’s only gas giant, and is well utilized by the Empire. Dozens of its icy moons were as water sources during the system’s massive terraforming efforts. Others were mined out of useful minerals for the same reason. The Imperial Thuldan Navy listening posts on two stable moons, as well as a fast response flotilla lead by the cruiser ITV Dwarven Hammer.

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