Again, how would one measure the most valuable farmland in an entire sphere? Especially since the best farmland is probably hidden from everyone else in Eladrin territory. As usual, ignore such useless overstatements. For now the colony is more useful to everyone else as a free farming colony, since slaves tend to produce fewer and poorer crops. It is likely this that truly keeps the colony free, not that the locals aren't going to continue maintaining as powerful a defense as possible.

Here the Calid­i­ans have estab­lished a pros­per­ous farm­ing king­dom. Thandi­lan is small, but its people raise crops in abun­dance and ship them to less fer­tile set­tle­ments. The result is a land of gen­tle­men farm­ers who have accu­mu­lated for­tunes over the years. As a farm world, it is valued above all others in the Clus­ter, and guarded accord­ingly. A stand­ing force of dwar­ven mer­ce­nar­ies guard the place, as do a number of Calid­ian lance­ships that orbit inces­santly.

Thandilan (TAG page 17) is guarded by a number of Calidian lanceships and a force of dwarvern mercenaries and is the most valuable farmland in the Cluster. I can see a GM wanting to use it for adventure opportunities.

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