Tarn Idoun

Mystical creatures made of animate magical crystal, similar in composition to Ioun Stones.

Among the most ancient races within the Dragon Empire are the mysterious tarn idoun. These beings of living crystal are the first creators of the ioun stones. Most have dedicated themselves to the studies of magic and technology and pursue knowledge in all its forms.

The exact origins of the tarn idoun appear to be lost to history. The first recorded contact with the race tells of a dwarven mining expedition that found rows of strange crystal shapes within an asteroid they had sought to mine. Floating around these crystalline forms were smaller crystals of various colors. When the dwarves touched them, the crystalline forms sprang to life and identified themselves as the tarn idoun. Other races encountered similar communities throughout the galaxy, sometimes on a moon and other times buried deep within a planet. The tarn idoun seemed to have no memory of life before being awakened and had no knowledge of how they had come to be found dormant in the caverns. The tarn idoun adapted quickly to life among the sentient races. They employed their innate magical energies to allow their crystalline forms to interact with the technology and devices of the sentient races. The presence of the tarn idoun’s arcane essence leads many to believe that the tarn idoun or their precursors are extraplanar in origin.

Within a few hundred years, the tarn idoun were an integral part of the galactic community. Their ability to make ioun stones led many tarn idoun to engage in trade and commerce with other races. Tarn idoun made welcome additions to survey and exploration teams where their attention to detail resulted in comprehensive starcharts and voluminous data on various planetary and stellar phenomena. Many tarn idoun turned their attention towards magic, creating new forms of magical protections and propulsion. The tarn idoun’s natural talents for magic and the vast array of technology they encountered made the practice of technomancy a natural choice for many. To this day, the tarn idoun remain a prominent part of the interstellar community and several of the galaxy’s greatest technomancers are drawn from this race.

At some point within the past 10,000 years, the tarn idoun established a strong tie with the dragons, who had begun rising in prominence within the galaxy. Indeed, some claim that it was the tarn idoun who first suggested that the dragons form a unified front, although scholars and the tarn idoun, themselves, dispute such claims. Nevertheless, the tarn idoun contacts with the dragons resulted in an agreement called the “Dragon Pact.” The exact terms of this agreement have been lost, or intentionally obscured by history. Yet, speculation abounds.

Some believe the terms of the Dragon Pact hold the key to explaining the unusual behavior of the tarn idoun during the years that preceded the Dragon Wars. Just prior to the founding of Qesemet on Scion III, hundreds of thousands of tarn idoun, including those that allegedly forged the Dragon Pact, vanished, seemingly over night in an event now known as the “Ioun Exodus.” Whether they left for another area of space or were slaughtered in secret, no one, including the remaining tarn idoun know. What is known is that the dragons and their kin still afford considerable latitude to the tarn idoun. When the Dragon War broke out, the tarn idoun were one of the few races to remain truly neutral in the conflict. However, many of their crystalline cities and monuments, largely abandoned, were destroyed in the ensuing conflict.

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