Tar Mordan

Tar Mordan (TAG page 19) has got Calidians and Sun Mages living in close proximity. So conflict and adventure are a strong posibility.

Many rumors abound about why and how Iatan has remained free but the most likely is simply that the Eladrin nobles don't want a war so close to their resorts. Of course, others find that a surprising number of Eladrin expatriates and ex-slaves leave from Iatan to enter the wider areas of the sphere. In fact, elves and half-elves from Iatan are never allowed into the elven military, regardless of how thorough a magical check they pass. Such is the fear of spies and saboteurs.

This is a gas giant with three major moons (Sharya, Thuma, and latan) which are held by the Sun Mages and Calid­i­ans. Sharya holds many resort set­tle­ments, cater­ing to the plea­sures of all races. Thuma has a very small pop­u­la­tion, but as a water world it is very valu­able to the Sun Mages’ inner set­tle­ments.

The Calid­i­ans have man­aged to hold latan, though it is only a matter of time before the Anti­lans get seri­ous about seiz­ing that moon as well. For now, the Calid­i­ans use latan as a farm­ing colony, pro­vid­ing food for their more dis­tant set­tle­ments.

Mordan - Gas Giant with three major moons.

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