Tallis System

When StarM
discovered two natural Class-1 planets here in 2250, Tallis became their third claimed system. By the end of the First Galactic War, Tallis had developed into a leading industrial base for 3 billion souls, one of the great success stories of the Collective. All that changed in 2398 as a Thuldan armada led by the

defense force in Tallis, claiming control of
the system. For four years, the worlds of
Tallis suffered under the military rule of
Thuldan Legions while they pillaged the
system’s resources. When a joint
StarMech/Solar fleet arrived to liberate the
system in 2402, the Thuldans “scorched the
earth,” bombing all populated worlds on
their way out. Today, Tallis is home to only
500,000 sentients, and the reconstruction
efforts will take generations to complete.


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