T'sa Cluster
T'sa Cluster
Founded approx 4,000 PI
Location Ur ring
Capital Ki'inroh
Government Controlled anarcho-
monarchy with a
elected advisor
Head of State Chaluk Chisier
Legislature -
Judiciary -
Major Species T'sa
Military -
Intelligence Services -
Language T'sa language

“Welcome to the T’sa Cluster. Your ship has entered the jurisdiction of the T’sa. All other vessels should be aware of the Cluster’s customs and regulations, the details of which are available on the Grid.”
—Communication drone message when entering into T'sa Cluster space

The T'sa Cluster (T'sa language: Iditadup) is a collection of 6 major systems (and over a dozen minor systems) all controlled by the T'sa.

Politically independent but closely allied with the Concord.. They enjoy more freedoms than many of the other aliens in the Ur Ring. To the outside observer, however, their little region of space looks like it is governed by pure and utter chaos. The T‟sa owe allegiance to no one, and to no single stellar nation. All other travellers into their space travel at their own risk.

The current T'sa homeworld, Ki'inroh, is perhaps the strangest home world of any species; mostly because its their fifth. They left numbers one through four out of boredom and a need for change. They are also likely the only race to send real estate salesmen along to investigate colony worlds and give a sales pitch on it’s potential of being a new home world. Taasa, the original T’sa home world also has some surprisingly advanced technology, but mostly weapons and shielding devices that no one remembers how to run any longer.


T’san society is set up as more of a controlled anarchistic monarchy with a democratically elected advisor to the ruler. Previous regimes have been either too strange to work or genocidal or religious. Not that the T’sa have any problem with religion, its just that their religions tend to be really, really strange and bizarre.


By human standards T’sa government is sheer anarchy. The T’sa system is founded around the concept of xakksha which humans translate as kingdom or nation. These are made up of hundreds or thousands of interrelated clutches who are tied to several other clutches with duties and responsibilities who are in-turn tied to yet other clutches, and so on. The organizational chart is nearly impossible for non-T’sa to navigate, but due to body language and minute differences in xakksha markings the T’sa have no problems and are at peace with their chaotic lifestyle.

The T’sa cluster remains an autonomous power in the stellar ring, owing only the Galactic Concord anything. The Galactic Concord works in tandem with the T’sa cluster to smooth the interchange of currency and commerce as laws within the T’sa cluster are their own to regulate.

T’sa law is quite simple and straightforward, based on the respect and the rights of the individual. Fines and reparations are usually the worst a criminal will be charged with unless the offender has transgressed more serious crimes. In which case, the T’sa usually reserve imprisonment as the worst option available., almost never resorting to execution. T’sa feel that even the guilty may yet contribute to the betterment of the whole.

is there such thing as Monarchist Socialism? (limited gov only made to protect the means of production so workers can own it) along with basic laws like police force, firefighters, etc

​like a limited state made only to protect population and allow workers to own means of production


Began on Taasa. Then traveled and colonized ka-taasa, Rei'akeidah, Badu'ekrek before settling their current homeworld, Ki'inroh.

Hudespot was explored and colonized after establishing themselves on Ki'inroh.

Member Worlds

T'sa Cluster

Six world empire

Officially, the T'sa Cluster remains a Concord Neutrality, protected from interference through the Treaty of Concord. The existence of the t’sa as an independent force in human-controlled space is still a matter of great concern to many; humanity’s manifest destiny to the stars is a popular concept.

The leader of the t’sa, Chaluk Chisier, is a far-sighted t’sa of great diplomatic skill. While the t’sa have proven their unwillingness to bow to human military force, they’re not interested in an armed conflict, either. Both Chisier and the human leaders of the remaining stellar nations understand that such a direct confrontation could spark another interstellar war.

Visitors to the T’sa Cluster are warned by Concord communication drones that the t’sa operate under their own laws and that the laws of human space do not apply there. The same message greets every visitor: "Welcome to the T’sa Cluster. Your ship has entered the jurisdiction of the t’sa. Military vessels may not proceed without a security escort. All other vessels should be aware of the cluster’s customs and regulations, the details of which are available on the Grid." In the Cluster, humans always travel at their own risk-though the t’sa are friendly, they owe no allegiance to any stellar nation.

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