Astrographical information
Ring Ur Ring
Sector -
System Klinge System
Suns -
Orbital position -
Moons 1
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class -
Diameter -
Atmosphere -
Climate Frigid
Primary terrain -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species Dwarf
Primary languages -
Government -
Population 17 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation Thuldan Empire

Sulī is teh central planet of the Klinge System. It is a frigid Class 1 world of about 17 billion people. It is commonly joked that body heat is what keeps them warm. In truth, enormous mass reactors generate the energy required for comfortable levels of home heating. If only the environment were so easily tamed. Sulī winters are harsh and unforgiving, and even the youngest child knows better than to wander out from the cities alone. Snow blindness and hypothermia remain serious concerns outside major urban centers during winter, despite the basic genetic alterations most of the population carries. In the few wilder regions, if the cold doesn’t kill you, the native predators will. Although early colonists considered exterminating the more dangerous animals, the Empire decided to leave them be as an obstacle to be overcome.

Planetary Governor Ulic Flynn (Hm/Thuldan/CS-4) is a former Staff Sergeant of the Army Auxiliary. He resides in the capitol city of Nagomtown, in the center of the largest continent. Governor Flynn has held his post for many decades, but his popularity among Sulī’s Planetary Council is waning. In fact, when his current term expires in 2502, Ulic expects the Council to elect one of his rivals the new Planetary Governor. If only he could provide a show of power to bring the Councilors back to his side, or eliminate his rivals in an honorable fashion. With this purpose in mind, Governor Flynn’s closest aides are currently seeking skilled independent agents.


Sulī’s only moon, Ordanien did not possess enough of an atmosphere to terraform, so it’s population lives in subterranean caverns set up with a habitable environment, about one billion in total. The primary industry here are the Klinge Shipyards surface facilities, which have been in operation since nearly the founding of the Empire. The 300 kilometer-spanning facility is capable of constructing and/or repairing any size craft, and the source of eight Thuldan fortress ships, including the ITV Emperor Gregor I. The outer and inner perimeter of the shipyard wields enough firepower to repel a significant enemy task force, a holdover from GW2. Unfortunately, with the system’s mineral resources drying up, the shipyards may be in danger of shutting down in the coming decades. At the very least, it’s production levels and employment numbers must be reduced during the next decade, though System Governor Warren Leipzig (Hm/Thuldan/FA-9) is doing everything he can to save Klinge’s economy. Ordanien’s fulltime naval garrison is led by the carrier ITV Wolfsbane.

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