they are half human
+2 to one ability score

When a paracletus tampers with babies still in the womb, sometimes there is a side effect. A staterae is born. A scourge to both parents, most staterae are killed on the spot, but some manage to survive. Through empathy or natal powers…….

ideas for the build of the race:
speed:30 ft Size: medium
type: outsider
Traits: darkvsion 60 ft
ststarae may use one of these spell like abilities each day: comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, read magic
staterae may create light on their bodies at-will

languages: either infernal or celestial,common, and if they have a high int score, they may learn any language exept for secret ones

WHat do you think so far? I really think pazio should implement neutral half human outsiders, also do you think i sould add axiomites and proteans?h

Outsider (Native)
+2 Int, -2 Cha
Darkvision 60ft
Resist Cold 5
+2 racial bonus on saves vs poison
+2 racial to ac when an enemy is confirming a critical hit on them
+1 deflection bonus to ac

The Charisma penalty because aeons are just weird and incomprehensible to most everyone. The cold resistance on down is to represent the aeon resistances, and their void form, note the deflection is not an enhancement bonus and as such other deflection bonuses should stack. I gave no physical stat bonus to help offset the bonuses to ac, and resistances a bit.

I actually created a half protean for my home brew campaign, though in use, it is more like the half-fiend/celestial type templates than a "race" really.

Personally I'd probably go with the +2/+2/-2 for attributes like standard races, but beyond that it is kind of hard to pin anything down about eidolons. I'd want them to be unique, perhaps giving them some ability to play especially well with others, like a bonus teamwork feat and a point of natural armor, and then the standard native outsider things and see what I thought from there.

most Staterae are outsiders in a social sense, always being abandoned, and sometimes unwillingly modifying the peoples emotions. Closely monitored by the aeons, they know that the child never should have happened.

staterae often study arcane arts, wanting to utilize Monad in their magic.

do you think I'm trying to just make them half paracletus?

Never intended to imply that they should be sociopaths, but the aeon side is going to make them more than a little strange to almost everyone.

As far as a second +2, really could not think what makes the most sense, it is hard to nail down due to the varied nature of aeons, probably dex or con, my personal guess would be con.

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