Starmech Inc
Starmech Inc
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The best ship and robot builders in the Thuldan Empire.

robotics, mechs

involved in War with the Colonies

Planet of Chance

Predominant Species: Overwhelming SRO majority, Human and Feychild Gnome minority

Equal parts famous and infamous, the engineers of the StarMech Collective are some of the most talented starship designers alive, while simultaneously known throughout space as the galaxy's foremost hedonists. The collective owes its existence to a diplomatic coup during the negotiation of the treaty that concluded the first galactic war, by means of the most debauched party ever held at a peace summit. When sun arose the next morning, the StarMechs had secured enough support to ensure themselves control over a sparsely populated region of space by literally drinking the delegates under the table.

In order to support their libertine lifestyle with a comparatively small population, the StarMechs rely heavily on robots. Wile free androids do exist, the overwhelming majority of synthetics in the collective are lawfully indentured SROs, having been built specifically to work. Most serve in the Collective's vast starship yards, and no expense is spared to keep them operating at their peak. Overall while the StarMech view on synthetics is far from egalitarian, they do not view them as expendable but rather as a prized asset.

Ability Adjustments: StarMech humans gain +1 Constitution and +1 Intelligence.

Racial Trait: StarMech humans may cast Patch Tech once per day as an extraordinary ability using their character level as their caster level.

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