The classic and widely manufactured Nebulor Outfitters Starhopper is a light and scrappy middle-of-the-road spaceship model with all of the fight and many of the luxuries of a larger ship. In service since practically the dawn of Drift travel, the Starhopper is a tried-and-true starship that is still widely flown throughout the Pact Worlds, where it serves as a commuter vessel, hauling rig, long-distance transport, packet smuggler, and even pirate raider. The Starhopper is especially reliable in close-space systems such as the Diaspora and smaller asteroid belts; it is as capable in dodging space debris as it is in fending off unwanted pursuers.

The Starhopper’s durable explorer frame features sturdy armor, cutting-edge defensive countermeasures, light shields, and a supremely customizable interior. The factory-standard model comes fully equipped with a Pulse Green power core and Signal Basic Drift engine, and it offers four weapon mounts for customized armaments. Spacious and comfortable crew quarters easily accommodate up to six crew members, though the ship is easily navigable by a single pilot. Four roomy and customizable expansion bays round out Starhopper’s suite of options.

Many Starhopper owners and captains personalize their ships with expanded capabilities, such as upgraded long-range sensors to detect approaching vessels or a duonode computer to offset shortcomings among their crews. Starhoppers are well suited for ferrying freight, with space for up to four dedicated cargo holds, though medical and synthesis bays are popular choices for additional expansion bays. On the other hand, many privateers and smuggler captains add a smuggler compartment to conceal illicit cargo or ill-gotten plunder.

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