Star Force
Star Force
Excellence outshining the stars
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While units and whole divisions of the CDC and even Star Force report less than combat readiness, the Marines by their very nature must be ready for a state of war at all times. In these times of peace, they practice their battle talents with the only worthy opponents-each other.

Skirmishes have proven Star Force and the Concord Marines surprisingly effective after only a few years of organization.

Star Force is the pride of the Concord military,- its motto is ‘Excellence outshining the stars’ Thirty years ago, Star Force existed only as a plan in the mind of a few diplomats. Today, Star Force is the strongest naval force in the galaxy, patrolling all of explored space, from the heart of Old Space to the farthest systems of the Verge. The men and women of Star Force keep humanity safe from alien threats-and from itself.

While the Concord has plenty of funding to produce or procure state-of-the-art naval vessels, the pilots, engineers, crew, and commanders of those vessels give Star Force its edge. Star Force personnel exude a cool confidence when dealing with enemies. The officers of the Star Force have alloyed their unique strengths and their individual backgrounds to form the core of the stellar navy. Even though Star Force’s personnel numbers more than 4 million, it can afford to recruit only the best from an annual applicant pool larger than the size of its membership.

The selection process to attend the officers’ academies is even more intense. Five years of officer training produces ensigns honored to serve, and three Star Force academies prepare officers for service. Each Neutrality boasts an academy, but Vition Academy, on Concord itself, is considered the best of the best.

The most active branch of Star Force on the frontier is the Concord Survey Service, a scouting, surveying, and first contact organization. The CSS is devoted not just to patrolling the borders of human space, but to pushing beyond them into unknown and unsettled territory It frequently assists colonists on new worlds by maintaining supplies and communications, and it tracks the movement of pirates and outlaw vessels along the frontier. The CSS frequently hires independent explorers to visit new worlds or conduct geological surveys of promising planets.

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