This clus­ter of worlds is another home of the Astro­mundi lizard men, but is much more open to con­tact with out­siders than is Khalzan. The Ssthakal speak of their dis­tant rel­a­tives in slightly con­de­scend­ing tones, and hint that those lizard men are hope­lessly naive. Known for their fight­ing prowess, the lizard men of Ssthakal have seen duty in many of the wars that have erupted in the Astro­mundi Clus­ter and are also renowned for their dili­gence as scouts and explor­ers.

Ssthakal (TAG page 16) is the home of Clusterspace's more friendly lizardmen. So it is inevitable that the majority of players with lizardmen PCs are going to want their PCs to come from there.

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