Solas Mothú
Solas Mothú
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Aliases ?
Size Megapolis
Location tar-darach
Ruler ?
Population 60 million
Exports ?

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Solas Mothú

Built on a huge lake - reflective

many ports


solar and wind energy

The goal was and is to build homes that are directed towards the sun,

massive thunderstorms

the lake is clean and may have healing properties.

local wine

military fortress

golden obelisks

massive golden statues of soldiers with spears

a great battle

a passage to twilithe is a golden bridge through dimension called the Path of the Gods

once home to large boars, used for food, they were all killed after they were blamed for an outbreak of plague.

Most buildings were constructed magically, using materials from the ground to "grow" them. Some were made from alabaster or glass. Stone buildings were usually crafted from a single piece of rock. Those made from wood had roofs of magically created bark or leaves. Otherwise roofs were typically made from crystal or gems, causing them to glitter in sunlight.[2]

Notable buildings included the Hall of the Ancients, the Fountain of Stars, the Temple of the Seldarine, the Shrine of the Black Sword, and the Moonstone Palace. Taverns included The Green Sword and Throleatha's Public House.

large lake birds

many, many lake skiff vehicles

long bridge connecting to mainland

arena for bloodsport

warm climate

a famous annual race through the city and the lake

grand theater

sacred grove / public park and zoo

big library

Many of the roads and streets of Leuthilspar were paved with crystal or gems, giving them glittering quality similar to the roofs. The main route through the city was the Diamond Road, a shining smooth surface made from crystal that resembled diamonds.[4]

  • [[[Óirsleá Clan]]
  • House Evanara
  • House Hawksong
  • House Alenuath
  • House Nierdre
  • House Korianthil
  • House Le'Quella
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