The Cycle is a philosophy from Kasath that seeks revelations through the natural, infinite cycles of the stars and universe. It is the foundation of many solarian teachings, and was popularized in the Pact Worlds system by kasathas who traveled there on the Idari.

Dismissed by outsiders as "star worshipers", solarianism is the main religion of the kasatha.

Devoted adherants are the Solarian Warrior Monks.

Solarians are mystical melee combatants who harness stars and black holes to create weapons and armor from energy, and can manipulate these balanced, fundamentally opposing forces of energy and entropy.

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Solarians believe that the life cycle of stars, from their creation to the gravitational influences of their existence and their eventual destruction or inversion into black holes, represent two sides of a natural cycle of creation and destruction. A solarian can harness these forces and manifest them into physical forms that resemble armor and weaponry.

Some solarians practice this philosophy in organized training, while others stumble upon it through sudden revelations.


The Cosmonastery of the Empty Orbit, located in, is the largest solarian monastery outside Kasath or the Idari The towers of this sprawling complex are built facing the stars, on a courtyard on the outer surface of one of the Arms of Absalom Station, shielded from the void by a force field. It was founded by High Sola Tabishad Oseo Markola to spread the Cycle to the people of the Pact Worlds and oppose the re-engineering of the cosmos, which she considers to fundamentally disrupt its balance.[1]

Initiates are trained by the high sola's two assistants, Solas Sverdan Toloma Noyd and Zokora Yakarahv. Sverdan keeps new recruits focused and alert with drills and ambushes, and teaches them to strip away distractions and distil their resolve and vitality into a stellar mote with gruelling physical exercises. Zokora teaches students to manifest this mote in reality, and helps them dissociate their subjectivity through meditations and lessons on the Cycle.

Initiates who demonstrate solarian abilities leave their classmates behind to train with Tabishad herself. These proto-sols apply their new abilities in combat under her supervision, and serve as ambassadors by serving as guides or guards for visitors to Absalom Station, or speaking with or helping important figures, in so doing developing their tact and maintaining the cosmonastery's external relations. Once her students have learnt all the skills needed to combat the danger of re-engineering of the cosmos, Tabishad grants them the full rank of solarian, speaking in their graduation ceremony:

“You go into the galaxy as adults among children armed with plasma cannons. Teach them responsibility, or take away their toys and be ready for a fit.”

Those who wish to enforce these ideals can join the Order of the Empty Orbit, an elite solarian group that opposes reckless terraforming, planetary exploitation and artificial movement of astronomical objects.[3]


The Pradulex Monastery is a site of knowledge that provides wisdom to those seeking to learn more about the kasathan philosophy of the Cycle. It also caters to those solarians seeking to learn more about or hone their existing abilities. The structure and its satellite buildings rest atop an artificial hill near to the Idari’s fore. Local transportation can take the PCs to the outskirts of the artificial desert lining the outer edges of the Idari’s interior, but a brief hour-long ground journey through the desert and up the hill is necessary to reach the monastery.Read or paraphrase the following as the PCs approach.The Pradulex Monastery is an imposing structure resting atop a tan desert hill. The structure rises well over a hundred feet above the vast desert terrain. Columns of marble-like stone stretch to the height of the building’s roof, while ancient statues of armored and robed kasathas stare down as if scrutinizing all who enter. The great gates of the monastery’s interior grind open as newcomers approach, interior light flickering through
the widening gap.

As the PCs approach the open monastery doors, a trio of kasatha initiates emerges to greet them. Unlike Alsuka, these initiates lack proper kasathan etiquette and perform only the basest introductions before escorting the PCs to master Boojan. These kasathas later attack the PCs in the Defense of Honor encounter, but for now should be portrayed as meek attendants. A PC who succeeds at a DC 20 Sense Motive check recognizes that one of the initiates, the kasatha Kan-Zal, seems annoyed to be dealing with outsiders. If confronted about this, Kan-Zal states that he dislikes being taken away from his training

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