Skyllan Galaxy

The Skyllan Galaxy is a spiral bar galaxy. Sometimes called the Serpent's Eye. About 56,000 light years across.

Astrographical Divisions

The Skyllan Galaxy is divided into rings, which are actually hexagonal in shape. These rings have names and a numbered designation. Each ring is further divided into six sectors like pie slices. Each sector has sub-sectors numbered 0-99. Each ring is roughly 8k light years across.



Each ring is divided into six sectors like a slices of pie. Numbered 1-6, with 1 being core-ward and the rest numbered clockwise. Roughly 4k light years long.


The book Star Strek Star Charts, with Contributors such as Doug Drexler and Advisors such as Michael Okuda, is an interesting beta-canon resource.

It describes the disc of the Milky Way divided into the Four Quadrants as you explained, but Each quadrant had 9 subquadrants, like 10 degree slices of pie. That's 36 subquadrants numbered clockwise A - Z and 0-9. Sol is on the line between 0 and 1. Then the disc is also divided in concentric circles spaced 5000 ly apart, numbered 0 to 9 from center to edge. Each of the "cubes" that this makes is a Sector Grid with a two digit unique number, pie, then circle. Each 'block' of this Grid is divided into a 5 x 5 x 4 Quads numbered 00 - 24 on the top/galactic north row, 25 to 49 on the next layer, 50 to 74 for the next, and 75 to 99 for the bottom/southern layer.

Each Quad is further divided into 9 x 10 x 10 units numbered 000 - 898, called a Sector Block. Each block is divided in to 100 Sectors numbered like the Grid above.

Sectors are defined by four numbers: Grid, Quad, Block, Sector: 2 digit, 2 digit, 3 digit, 2 digit. They all vary in size, but near Earth the smallest unit, Sector, is about 20 x 20 x 20 light years, each containing an average of 40 stars.

Since most travel in Star Trek is still only a few sectors out, Grid or Quad Numbers are not likely to change for 800 light years. It is common to omit numbers that are common and obvious, and refer to the Sector only by the last two to five digits. If all the most likely sectors start with 15 02 XXX XX, why bother saying it?

Alternatively, a Sector can be named by the prominent star or civilization inside it: Sol Sector or Andorian Sector.

Sol is Grid 15, Quad 02, Block 076, Sector 12: 15 02 076 12.

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