Starship Identification Designation Code

The Starship Identification Designation Code, or SIDC, is a unique code that details the specifics of any ship registered. The hull class of the ship, what nation the ship originates from, what service the ship falls under, and even if it is a variation of a base model can all be found within the IDC of the ship.

The Starship Identification Designation Code is composed of five separate parts, including the name of the ship.

  1. The Nation or Star System the ship belongs to.
  2. The Service of the ship, be it civilian, military, or an independent vessel.
  3. The code for the Hull Class of the vessel.
  4. The unique number code for each individual ship.
  5. The last step is an unofficial one, the name of the ship. The name of the ship isn’t always listed within the IDC itself, but many do include the ship’s name when sending their IDC to their destinations when beginning their docking procedures.

Some vessels might have extra numbers or letters tagged on to represent the different types and variations of a particular model. Others might have some numbers to represent the squadron or fleet they belong to or even what specific task the ship was originally made to do, like a ship built for mining asteroid belts, or even designate if the ship is in the experimental stages of development.

SIDC anatomy

Home Nation

Each Stellar Nation has their own particular IDC tag. Below is a table showing each of their particular IDC tag.

Those vessels who either don’t belong, reject, or otherwise independent of the Stellar Nations often use the IDC tag of XX in place of the normal tags. It has been used so much so that it has unofficially the tag for any independent ship. Those that are outside the Stellar Nations or wanted by authorities often provide false IDC registrations or try to completely avoid such situations that require them.

Dragon Star Empire - DNI
Galactic Concord - CSV
Rigunmor Star Consortium - RCV
Thuldan Empire - KTS
T'sa Cluster - TSV
Veskarium - VBC
VoidCorp - VOID

United Adnas (pre-Concord) - UAV


This part shows which Service the ship belongs to, be it civilian, military, or an independent. With further extrapolation, this could be expanded to include a variety of different areas, like public transportation vessels, merchant ships, private vessels, etc.

Civilian - CV
Independent - XX
Concord Star Force - CSF
Concord Defense Corps - CDC
Concord Marines - CM
Concord Administrators - CA
Thuldan Imperial Espionage Service - KS
Imperial Thuldan Navy - KTM
Imperial Thuldan Army - KTA
Imperial Thuldan Legions - TL
Rigunmor Research Agency - RRA
Rigunmor Consortium Navy - RCN
Rigunmor Consortium Army - RCA

Hull Class

This takes into account the size and design of the hull of the ship. With such a vast range of hull classes, each is given a separate code composed of a three-digit number.

Civilian Classes IDC Tag
Racer - 000
Shuttle - 005
Light Freighter - 010
Explorer - 015
Transport - 020
Heavy Freighter - 025
Bulk Freighter - 030
Base Ship - 035

Military Classes IDC Tag
Interceptor - 040
Fighter - 045
Destroyer - 050
Cruiser - 055
Carrier - 060
Battleship - 065
Dreadnought - 070
Ultranaught - 075

Number Code

The final step is a six digit (or longer) set of random numbers that is unique to each individual ship. In no situation will there ever be two ships with the same IDC Number Code. And because this is a random set of numbers, it can be used indefinitely by increasing the amount of numbers used within the IDC.

Example SIDC

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