Four-armed humanoids whose culture revolves entirely around the concept of personal freedom and the pursuit of art.

Siarrans are a race of artists, musicians, and rebels who love freedom above all else. They prefer an active life and are usually found traveling from world to world, alone or in groups, performing for whatever audience they can find. They often call themselves “children of the wind” and say they go where the wind takes them.

For most siarrans, “freedom” means the liberty not only to go where they wish, but also to do, say, and take whatever they like. There is no malice in their actions—they try not to hurt anyone or take from those who can’t afford the loss—but most siarrans believe that their sacred freedom is more important than obeying arbitrary laws. When their love of freedom brings them into conflict with the authorities, most siarrans prefer to avoid conflict by simply leaving the planet before local law enforcement can confine them.

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Siarran Lands

Siarrans have no homelands of their own. According to tradition, they used to share a world in the Rimward Barrens with elves, dwarves, and humans. When the Dragon Empire took over the planet, the other races resisted—and were nearly wiped out for their impudence. The siarrans realized they could not stay on their home planet and retain their freedom, so they set off for the stars and have never looked back. The siarrans flew to the stars on 10 enormous starships. Over the millennia, the 10 ships became the basis for the 10 siarran tribes. Though there are countless smaller ships of siarrans scattered across the Empire today, each of them can trace its history back to one of the first 10 ships, and the siarrans on board count themselves part of its tribe.

While siarran society was originally feudal, it has evolved into a clan-based council system. Each siarran tribe is ruled by a council of mystics. Every 10 years, the mystics of the 10 clans meet to discuss clan matters and to elect a new Namridoth, the siarran king. Siarrans with intertribal conflicts can bring them up at this time for the council to judge.

Namridoth is largely an honorary position. It is his responsibility to represent the siarrans to outsiders and to protect his people from outside threats. Since the siarrans are now spread across the galaxy and are largely autonomous, there is no need for a Namridoth to represent or protect them. Nevertheless, it is a great honor to be named Namridoth, and it usually goes to an old and venerable siarran.

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