Shou’kkar (Pronounced Sh-oww-car) are a something of an enigma, having appeared only recently
on the scene, they are sadistic, brutal killers who appear to relish causing pain and anguish. They
have powerful mental abilities that make them even more formidable. What is not known about the
Shou’kkar is that they are in fact Illithids, or more accurately were. In recent years the Illithids have
recently begun genetically re-sequencing their own young, creating themselves a warrior class
effectively whose physical powers can supplement their mental powers, which as a result have
become some what reduced, the creation of the Shou’kkar by the Illithid and their connection to them
remains a secret so far, with the whole Dragon Empire believing them to be a new and dangerous
predatory race. The Shou’kkar kill for purpose or pleasure, it is all the same to them by their very
design, even their eating method has changed they no longer need to feed on brains for sustenance,
any protein matter will do, but the Shou’kkar like to kill their prey by biting into their heads and eating
their brains while the victim is still alive.

The Shou’kkar can speak common, which they do in a weezy and hissy fashion, having lost the ability
to use Telepathy. All Shou’kkar have Darkvision 60 feet.

Shou’kkar are evil looking muscular humanoids around 7 feet tall, and weighing about 225lb, they
have lanky sinewy limbs with blue white skin, their veins and muscles are well defined beneath this
seemingly thin skin, their skin is however very tough and resilient. The Shou’kkar’s genetic
manipulation has left them looking very dissimilar to unaltered Illithids, they have the same basic
shape, but no longer have facial tentacles, other than two atrophied ones which are not really usable
anymore, in their place the Shou’kkar have a mouth full of long razor sharp teeth.

The Shou’kkar in combat, enjoy the hunt, stalking their prey relentlessly even prolonging the actual
killing all in an effort to increase their foes fear, which in turn excites them further. Where the option
presents itself a Shou’kkar warrior will kill his victims slowly enjoying their pain and anguish, but they
can be just as equally fast and deadly as needs be.

The Shou’kkar are brutal and sadistic creatures, who delight in pain and suffering.

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