In the Sere Province, the system Shatra continues to rebuild from the damages of the 2nd Galactic War. Late in the war, a detachment of the 9th Solar Fleet under the USS Victory struck through perimeter defenses and attacked Shatra. The system’s naval defenses refused to flee, fighting to the end, even conducting suicide ramming runs against enemy command ships, and were wiped out. The planet Akemi was occupied by Solar forces for two months, stripping away all the industrial material and resources they could manage, until Field Marshall Ligarius Kent arrived to retake the system. Rather than attempt to hold Shatra, a system too far inside Thuldan territory, the Solars fought a holding naval action as they evacuated their personnel from Akemi and made starfall back toward the Union.
While the industrial capability of the Shatra system may have been crippled, its nine billion inhabitants were left largely intact. System Governor Elijah Muhammad Sayad (Hm/-Thuldan/DFA-7) is a growing name in economic circles, and his policies are increasing Shantra’s output by a steady, if small, percentage. The military has brought several orbital defense satellites for Akemi from further inside the Empire over the years since the war ended.

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