Biographical Information
Homeworld Eox
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Physical Description
Species Elebrian
Gender Male
Height ?
Mass ?
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Skin Color ?
Family Information
Family Members ?
Chronological and Political Information
Affiliations Corpse Fleet

Undying Admiral Shathrava has been the sole supreme commander of the Corpse Fleet since its foundation. While ostensibly advised by various supporting admirals, the Undying Admiral is solely responsible for coordinating the individual task forces of the Corpse Fleet.

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Prior to the Veskarium invasion of the Golarion system, Shathrava was a bone sage and the ruler of a vast territory on Eox. When the vesk invaded, he endorsed an isolationist policy, which the other bone sages disagreed with. Refusing to cooperate with the inferior living beings of the other planets, Shathrava gathered like-minded Eoxian officers, founded the Corpse Fleet and left the system. He continues to direct the Corpse Fleet and maintain communication with his contacts back home. His goal is to assure Eox's supremacy over the rest of the Pact Worlds and return home in triumph.

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