Am I the only one who gets the feeling the AC was really all about bigger, faster, greater, more, more, more? Once again, we have yet another super helm used by another group. I'm no longer so impressed with Eladrin crystal ships and citadels. Ignore the references to another overblown, rule-breaking helm. Instead assume the neogi towed the asteroid using the rules in CGR1 The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook on using multiple ships to tow extremely large objects or that they simply located and inhabited an asteroid already in the Inner Ring that no one else had claimed (this last be the most likely possibility).

The neogi, ever quick to pick up on a good trad­ing scheme, hauled this aster­oid into orbit just within the Inner Ring. From here they sell all manner of exotic goods, pur­chased in the Ring, to cap­tains of Eladrin ships on their way to trade in the aster­oid belt. The Eladrin cap­tains save travel time and the neogi make a huge profit. How­ever, a con­sor­tium of trade houses within the Ring are look­ing for a way to end this advan­tage and it is unknown how long the neogi scheme will last.

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