Shadari Confederacy
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The Shadari Confederacy is a loose association of seven planets orbiting a dim star within the Kurzach Nebula, near the edge of the Aventi Star Empire's territory. Led by the sinister draeliks, the Shadari Confederacy is a haven for criminals and scum from the Star Empire, all united under the Shadari's freewheeling and lawless ideals as well as a nihilistic philosophy called Ataxxea.


The Shadari Confederacy's territory, which borders the Aventi Star Empire, consists of the planets and moons in a solar system cloaked by vast banks of dust and ionised gas from the Kurzach Nebula. This veil of gray, mustard, rotten verdigris protects them from Aventi patrols and scanners and turns the Shadari into a haven for space pirates escaping Aventi law.


Latest rumours in the Aventi Star Empire speak of a secret granted by the sceaduinars to the draelik rulers: the Unmaker, a grievously wounded aeon turned into a weapon of mass destruction, and the Shadari have worked for decades to pervert the aeon’s energies to unmake creation.


The worlds of the Shadari Confederacy and their moons host numerous species and cultures. Foremost among these are the draeliks, natives of Great Shadar, the largest of the associated worlds. Other Shadari species include the skrell, bulbous, psychic, tentacle-trailing creatures from the gas giant Fifth Shadar, and the balrodd, barrel-chested constructs who escaped Aventi servitude.


Many member races of the Shadari Confederacy bear the mystic Third Eye of Enlightenment, marking them as the followers of the philosophy called Ataxxea, which pays homage to sceaduinars, the denizens of the Negative Energy Plane, and finds entropy to be the most sublime force in the universe. They do not seek to destroy, preferring to accelerate natural decay using negative energy. Many followers, once tattooed, gain powers similar to solarians who focus on the graviton aspects of their cycle.

Despite being the nihilistic similarities between Ataxxea and the Devourer's faith, draeliks find any comparison with the Cult of the Devourer offensive. They consider their own path a dignified march towards the inevitable end, while the Devourer's followers, with their destructive tendency, are like children who want to skip to dessert rather than experience the full meal.

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