Seshayan Fablism

The sesheyans have their own beliefs, based on tales and proverbs told by their shamans. These tales vary from shaman to shaman, but almost all contain one of three important figures: Neshii'en the trickster, Tal the hunter, or Vec't'lir the broodmother. In particular, the parables of Neshii'en and his enemies have sustained the sesheyans during the dark times of their servitude to VoidCorp -though many of the public rituals and outward expressions of the faith have been lost.

Sesheyan religious practices are now strictly verbal within VoidCorp space: Possession or manufacture of religious paraphernalia is punishable by heavy fines, demotion, or relocation. If anything, this restrictive atmosphere has strengthened the hold of religion on the sesheyan culture; new tales of Neshii'en's conflicts with agents of VoidCorp circulate as pervasively as jokes and rumors.

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