Scoured Stars

The Scoured Stars are three star systems located in the Fehu Ring, known to contain planets with vicious fauna and other dangerous inhabitants. It is currently cut off from all travel, divination, and mundane scanning by a shifting veil of aurum energy known as the Godshield.

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The Scoured Stars consists of three stars systems

  • Agillae, an orange dwarf orbited by five terrestrial planets in the Goldilocks zone
  • Bastiar, a yellow dwarf orbited by five terrestrial planets, a gas giant with more than 36 moons, and two ice giants
  • Callion, a red dwarf orbited by two tidally locked planets which are always on opposite sides of the star


Among the eight civilisations native to the Scoured Stars who left it, the following are known:

  • the izalguuns, who settled on Izalraan;
  • the jinsuls, who continued to fanatically worship Kadrical under the leadership of his herald Dhurus, returned to the Scoured Stars, and seek to force the other seven civilisations to return as well and reunite them under an empire with the jinsuls as rulers;
  • the Kreiholm Freehold (consisting of the nelentus, thyrs, among others), who took several planets in the Saaruq-Ruaan system as their new home;
  • the mentrasi, originally from Bastiar-2, who moved to Kukanou-2b where they eventually went extinct.
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