Rurik System
Rurik System
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The Rurik System is home to the planet Kropotkin. It has 8 total planets. A red sun.

  • Common; Humans, androids, ghoran, sesheyan, weren
  • Uncommon; fraal, ghibrani, selamid, drow, Dwarves
  • secret reptoid influence
  • High tech; research labs
  • Worker's rights and unions
  • Small but strong religious faction


Lava World

  • Astrazoan interest
  • Peaceful
  • High tech influence; mining and factories
  • Megacorp owned and operated
  • rumored to be home to Precursor ruins.
  • a secret at the planet's core?
  • Main settlement; undead infestation the corp is trying to hide; workers union faction attempting to take control
  • 1 moon; prison moon; religious faction

Terrestrial World

  • Equater land masses, with bridges to the polar regions.
  • center for art and music
  • home to a sanctuary for dinosaurs
  • 1 moon, starbase and experimental tech lab
  • drow interest
  • Main settlement; religious faction center, philosophy and philanthropy

Terrestrial World

  • dome cities, needs constant resupply
  • high mountains, deep canyons, craters
  • artificial intelligence lab
  • populous is unhappy, resources dwindling
  • corrupt govt
  • single moon
  • main settlement; city of the rich and comfortable, however mysterious bone disease is rising.
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