Name of Planet
Astrographical information
Ring -
Sector -
System -
Suns -
Orbital position -
Moons -
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class -
Diameter -
Gravity -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Biomes -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species -
Primary languages -
Government -
Population -
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation -


Ruins of the precursurs. A colossal megastructure. No moon.

unrest on the planet. Religious zealotry.

vibrant semi-intelligent flora capable of magically enchanting victims. Some stories even tell of plants seducing and mating with humanoids, but this is often hand waved as fancy.

home to an organization that threatens Tir Eadan. Perhaps a cartel or rebellion.

Robotic vermin. undead. ancient constructs. basilisks. colossal carnivorus sea serpents.

Shadar-kai. pixies. gathlain. a formian hive.

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