• children-of-zeon Devoted to Discovery: Zeon Gods. Religion based on ancient alien artifacts from ancient "gods" whom the faithful believe will return to guide them to a new era. Considered heretics by the Church of Light.
  • Hatire Devoted to the Spirit: Militant anti-technological worshipers of spirit and the unseen.
  • Reformation Devoted to the Self: Atheistic philosophy based around perfecting mind and body. They oppose injustice. Basically buddhism with a catholic structure
  • Insightful (Church of the Oracle) Devoted to Technology: Striving for a spiritual merging of flesh and technology. A special emphasis on the Grid and virtual space. Anarchists. True salvation is the complete conversion to a flesh-less existence.
  • Orlamuism Devoted to the Drift: The search to understand the Divine Unconsciousness, an intelligence that manifests itself as the gods. Pure sephiroth. They believe space travel is inherently divine.
  • Church of Light Devoted to the Gods: Dwindling numbers.
  • Fraal philosophies Devoted to the Mind: Part religion, part philosophy. Mindwalking and the belief of an "inner form"
  • Seshayan Fablism Devoted to Nature: A form of animism and folk religion
  • Cult of Fire
  • Cult of Water
  • the-cycle Devoted to the Stars
  • Ch'Nalism
  • Cult of the Devourer Devoted to Nothingness: destructive nihilism
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