Rauzhants, sometimes incorrectly called clutch wyverns, are a race of lesser dragons native to Liavara.[1]

A rauzhant is about 14 feet long from mouth to tail and weighs an average of 2,500 pounds. Its appendages end in a single hook-shaped claw each, which the rauzhant uses to shred prey. Its mouth is surrounded by fangs and it does not have eyes, relying on smell to detect prey.[1]

Much less intelligent than true dragons, rauzhants are nonetheless capable of speech, but they spend most of their time hunting in Liavara's atmosphere. When a rauzhant smells prey, it fastens onto its target with its fanged mouth and folds its wings, causing both predator and prey to plummet. The rauzhant then rakes its victim with its claws, then takes flight again, feasting on its prey's shredded corpse as it rises.[1]

Serving as an olfactory organ, a rauzhant's skin can detect the faintest smell in the swirling gases of Liavara. Instead of collecting a physical hoard like other dragons, a rauzhant accumulates tastes, with the flavour of each prey species recorded within its extensive memory.[1]

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