Lithor is a binary system, and one of the growing industrial centers of the Empire. Lithor A is a main sequence K4 orange star, while Lithor B is a smaller O3 red dwarf. Although possessed of no Class 1 worlds, the mineral rich rings of Lithor’s gas giants and moons attracted mining companies early in Thuldan history. At the beginning of GW2, the various domed colonies of Lithor held less than 1 billion. The 126 year war required enormous manufacturing from worlds of the Empire, however, and construction industries quickly set up shop all over the system.
Today, Lithor is a 2nd world system of seven billion people. The Rossi family owns 48% of business within the system, including controlling interests in the Olympian Mega Shipyards, Rocker Digging Inc, and Pan-Lithor Manufacturing. Martinius Rossi (Hm/Thuldan/DCS-4) is the current System Governor. He shrewdly continues to draw more interest to Lithor, but retains the bulk of managerial control in the hands of his family. Unless Martinius’ nepotism starts to damage the local economy, no one would dare challenge a brother-in-law of the Emperor.

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