Qu’aris are an amorphous, silicon-based species that has lived in a sort of symbiosis with the druski for thousands of years. Qu’aris inhabit the druski cities, space stations, and capital ships. Being resistant to small amounts of radiation and extreme temperatures, qu’aris find their dwellings in places that are inhospitable for drusks or most other carbon-based species.

Drusks leave qu’aris alone, and in return, qu’aris provide technical maintenance and security support. The amorphous form of qu’aris allows them to move unrestricted in confined spaces, such as ventilation ducts. Qu’aris do not “see” as humans do. Instead, they sense electromagnetic fields, such as magnetism, infrared and the like, around them. This makes qu’aris excellent technicians as they can detect electric currents and radiation leaks without any tools or sensors.

Qu’aris do not need clothing or other apparel, but a many qu’ari living with different Cultures grow pseudopods to mimic the physique of their fellow species. Some even carry armor, weapons or other equipment when they prove useful.

Qu’aris do not have a gender, and they reproduce asexually by dividing their mass into 2, 4 or 16 qu’ari younglings. Before reproducing a qu’ari turns into a hard leathery cocoon. When the division is complete, the newborn qu’aris emerge from the chrysalis. The offspring inherit fragments of their progenitor’s memories and personalities, but each of them is a new individual with a unique personality and slightly altered DNA. In practice, this means that every qu’ari can reproduce only once in their lifetime.

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