Astrographical information
Ring Ur Ring
Sector Concord Sector (18.6)
System Ascension system
Suns -
Orbital position -
Moons 3
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Diameter -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Primary terrain -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species Human, Weren
Primary languages -
Government -
Population 12 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities Prophecy
Affiliation Galactic Concord
Orlamu Foundation

Prophethome (Pro-FETH-oh-mee)

Even as the Orlamu Foundation assisted many nations in the exploration of space, it continued to develop larger and larger stardrives. In 2213 it claimed several systems for itself; the first of these was Prophethome.

Galindus controls the Orlamist church and Orlamu state from the world of Prophethome, the capital for both religious and scientific pursuits. The Sendir Cathedral is the seat of the Orlamu government and of most of the hierarchy of the Orlamist faith.

The Orlamu Foundation, led by Jeff Sendir, one of the scientists who produced the first stardrive, left the Indo-African League to study both the technological and the theological aspects of drivespace. More than 1,000 of Sendir’s colleagues left their positions with governments and corporations to join him in his spiritual quest for the true understanding of drivespace and the advancement of drivespace technology. The foundation moved its headquarters to the colony world, Prophethome.

The Orlamu nation began at Prophethome as the very first world colonized by the Orlamu people, mere years after the Foundation transformed into a theocracy. Now, over 12 billion sentients live and work on the six major continents of the Orlamu homeworld.

As a class-1 paradise, Prophethome includes open plains and valleys, with 45% of the surface covered in water. Cities and industries have taken root across most of the land – all controlled from the capitol city of Prophecy located midway up the western coast of the largest continent.

Prophethome also includes three moons, but only Glorybloom has received terraforming to allow for more pleasant living conditions.

The city of Prophecy alone contains 800 million people, as well as the central structure dedicated to science, religion, and government – the Sendir Cathedral. Though it has expanded many times since its initial construction, the Cathedral has always remained true to the vision of the original architects, full of sweeping archways and shimmering glass. The entire complex covers several square miles now, but the earliest building still sits at the center. From here, the First Prophet Galindus and his council rule Orlamu space. Reports and diplomats of all kinds pour into Sendir Cathedral on a daily basis, meeting with as much attention as the Prelates can spare them. All church councils have their main centers here, including each branch of the military, the Order of Secrets, scientific research, and education. The First Prophet traditionally holds the additional titles of both Planetary Intendent of Prophethome and System Intendent of Ascension. Naturally, Prophecy maintains a massive space port to handle incoming traffic, as well as a commercial sector, brimming with super-malls, holo-theatres, and imported goods from many different stellar nations. Embassies from these nations are spread throughout the city, with those of former FreeSpace Alliance members closest to the center.


By far the least habitable of Prophethome‟s moons, Ark has no atmosphere, and prospectors long ago stripped the crust of any useful mineral wealth. Today, it plays home to only a series of storehouses for people and businesses on Prophethome. With no native population other than a handful of workers, Ark has no Intendent government leadership.


Prophethome‟s second moon presents a frigid world of snow and ice, with an incompatible atmosphere for habitation. Trapped in a perpetual ice age, some life has adapted to the extreme conditions, eking out a meager existence. As a result, the Theocracy placed the moon under ecological quarantine except for xenologists who may visit for the purposes of study. For this reason, colonists passed over Glacier for Glorybloom as a terraforming project, although large amounts of water were taken from the former‟s surface for use elsewhere.

Nebulon Productions

The Orlamu people love to relax. They work hard, and after a long day, like to sit back with a good book or holofilm. Nebulon Productions has met this need by producing about 25% of the novels and movies within the Theocracy. As a huge organization, they carry enormous clout with the Orlamu public. How they portray Church officials, the stories of GW2, and acceptable morality, can wield a great power over the Theocracy.
More than once, NP executives have struck deals with Church leaders concerning their products and acceptable levels of censorship. Nebulon is cutting-edge, always pushing the limits of programming within the Theocracy. Alternatively, NP runs conservatively safe programs as well, locking down base audiences. The Prelates have even occasionally funded certain holofilms or Grid programs promoting historical Church officials in a particularly striking fashion. Management generally knows how far they can push Church officials without going too far, and also realizes their importance to the Theocracy‟s economy in competing with Borealin entertainment firms.

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