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Preluria is a massive, green gas giant inhabited only by
an aloof species of psychic gas oozes that are as much
immune to the planet’s acidic gases as they are made of them.
What Preluria lacks in civilization on its surface it more than
compensates for in the teeming settlements found on its wide
orbital rings. Consisting of millions of ice and mineral
bodies of all sizes, the rings of Preluria host countless
hidden smugglers’ bases, mercenary training facilities,
and retreats for wealthy, influential, or misanthropic
individuals from across the galaxy. There is no
centralized government, with an ever-shifting
landscape of political alliances, rivalries, and uneasy
neutralities spreading across the immense disk.
The largest settlements among Preluria’s
rings are found on the 23 bodies big enough
to provide natural gravity of varying
intensities, most of which have normal
natural atmospheres. It is from these
bodies that the strongest factions of the
rings wage war against one another.
Among the most powerful factions
are the mercenary Vorlath, who shift
loyalties to ever-higher bidders but
also maintain their own independent
ambitions; the seemingly peaceful
Xystrian Brotherhood, whose agents
pose as pacifists while sabotaging
their enemies; the Prelurian
Patrol, who attempts with erratic
success to eliminate the system’s
criminal elements and keep order; the
Freugan Salvage Company, claiming
any valuables found on any of the rings’
particles; and the Reivolan Institute, who
conducts questionable experiments and
research, welcoming scientists who are
prohibited from practicing on other worlds.
Smaller bodies house a variety of surface
and subterranean structures, either as part
of conglomerates or held by individuals with
no ties to their neighbors. Some of these
have artificial atmospheres,
though most are barren
beyond those artificial
structures built on them.

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