Powder System
Powder System
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Colonized as an industrial system during the formation of the Terran Empire, Powder produced vast amounts of materials needed to further humanities expansion through the stars. Over time, Austrin-Ontis Unlimited turned its gaze to the system so near its colonies. By 2271, A-O set up numerous manufacturing facilities in-system, and moved several thousand Austrin colonists to the central planet.

In 2297, shortly before the 1st Galactic War, Austrin-Ontis moved almost its entire corporate structure to Powder, as it was the most highly developed world under their control. When wars broke out in 2499, corporate forces swarmed over the Terran loyalists with little trouble and much enthusiasm, securing the system as A-O’s capitol. Over 200 years and two galactic wars later, the Power system remains the center of Austrin power and pride.

Powder is the name of both the second planet in the system and common name for the system at large. The primary, Tonis, is an F3 class green star, owing its name to the original system cartographer: John Tonis.

The system is itself is a veritable fortress, protected by innumerable drone satellites and system patrol craft. Coupled with immense planetary defenses, only Sol and Thuldan Prime can challenge Powder’s claim as the best defended system in space.

In addition, the 1st, 9th and12th task forces patrol the Issill sector, lending a strong navel presence to the system. Under the command of Supreme Adm. James O’Brian (Hm/Austrin/TO-17) and AOV Flagship Lexington, the 1st fleet often puts in appearances to Powder. This massive ship was built during GWII, shortly before the dissolution of the gentleman’s agreement between the Profit and FreeSpace Alliances. It is of StarMech design and has recently been re-fitted with an Orlamu stardrive. The Lexington features the latest in defensive and offensive equipment and was responsible for the destruction of numerous Nariac capitol ships.


As the innermost planet of the system, Rust is a large blasted rock, long ago mined for what few resources it contained. It stands empty except for a single sensor post. Its two moons are useless rocks.


Powder is the capital world of Austrin-Ontis Unlimited. As a massive city world colonized in the early days of the Terran Empire, A-O bought the administrative rights and used it as their base of operations in space. It has been the center of Company bureaucracy since before GWI. Almost the entire surface area of the planet is given over to administrative duties, necessitating food to be shipped in from Nalus and Tonum further out.

From Corporate Headquarters here on Powder, the CEO and Board of Directors plan and carryout the affairs of Austrin-Ontis Unlimited. An elite division of Austrin Marines patrols the Headquarters at all times. On no other planet of A-O is the corporate mindset more evident. Thousands of bureaucrats and corporate employees negotiate deals with each other every day. Even citizens of other stellar nations partake in the activity through their embassies, except the Nariac Domain, which is allowed none.

Tonum and Nalus

Tonum and Nalus were both terraformed from Class 2 planets to viable Class 1 inhabitable worlds centuries ago by slower, less refined methods. Due to early colonial needs, however, large sections of their surface were zoned for massive farming efforts. Although both planets now have populations in the billions, approximately 40% of each world remains dedicated to agricultural production. Of Nalus’ three moons, only Heos merits mention.


The only atmospheric moon of Nalus, Heos recently upgraded from a class 2 to class 1 world with the completion of a lengthy terraforming process. Its primary purpose is to serve as a training ground for the Austrin Armed Forces. Austrin Army personnel and Marine candidates constantly learn, train and engage in war games. As such, Heos is a heavily restricted world, requiring the proper
military clearance to gain access to its airspace. Thousands of young Austrin men and women pass through the moon every year, joining perhaps the greatest army of the Stellar Ring.

Major General Alexander Renardi (Hm/Austrin/CS-18) in the ranking officer of the Heos Planetary Academy. He takes the rigorous training of the next generation of the Austrin Army very seriously, admitting only the best recruits to his facility.


Riatian, the fourth planet, was also a major industrial planet before A-O took over the system. But unlike Powder, it retained its heavy industry and remains one of the largest arms producers in the nation. Director of Research & Development Belra Jerlousch maintains an office and experimental arms production facility on the planet.

Manus Belt

Several AU past Nalus lies the Manus Asteroid Belt. Once an immensely rich source of minerals, the belt has provided untold amounts of wealth to A-O over the years. It continues to be mined to this day, albeit not nearly at previous levels.


Finally, marking the system’s edge, is the gas giant Bullseye. Not very large as gas giants go, Bullseye’s rapid rotation has resulted in few moons, but a well developed ring structure. The moons contain well defended communication and drivespace detection relays, as well as small ship facilities.

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