Pialseer is the name of a yellow super giant star located along the fringes of the Empire, in the distant Tsuranath Province. There are no Class 1 planets here. There are no super rich asteroid belts, or even ancient Precursor artifacts. In fact, due to Pialseer’s size, the only planets remaining in the system are a pair of gas giants.
Amongst the various moons of the gas giant Yemeth, the Imperial Thuldan Military maintains a modest base, complete with a ship building facility for small and light spacecraft. The moon of Maki houses a single civilian colony dome, with a stunning array of hydroponics gardens. The Empire uses the Pialseer for small naval industry, and more importantly, as a departure point for deep space exploration. The Empire is vast, but there must be more life outside the Stellar Ring and the Orion Arm, and the Thuldans will not sit willingly as it comes to them first.

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