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Aliases ?
Size Megacity
Location Concord
Ruler ?
Population 72.2 million
Exports ?

The capital city of the Galactic Concord.

Wollaston Islands are 510 km from top to bottom. each island about the size of jamaica

  • Purpose
  • Size and occupants
  • Three unique traits
  • History
  • Governance and people or groups in power
  • Defenses and defense groups
  • Important locations
  • Where to get what you need
  • Temples and other Organizations
  • Important People
  • Other fantastic elements


  • fire


  • bridge
  • home to a unique type of bird
  • palace
  • floating water garden park
  • on a hillside
  • lots of skycrapers in downtown
  • often foggy
  • elk-like creatures
  • a nearby prison
  • opera house
  • blitzball arena
  • lots of parks
  • university
  • public transport
  • starport


  • arts and museums
  • no species has a majority in population
  • many neighborhoods of species variety and culture
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