Order Of Secrets

Orlamu Order of Secrets
While the navy and army minimize their direct connections to the Orlamist church, the OOS does not. Members of the Order of Secrets remain ever faithful to the tenets of Orlamism; practitioners of other religions cannot join their ranks. This encourages the utmost loyalty to the Theocracy, while lessening the chance of an enemy spy infiltrating the organization. Also, more than 40% of the OOS serve as mindwalkers, men and women directly blessed by the Divine Unconscious. Clearly, in order to maintain such a high percentage of psionically gifted agents, the OOS must keep its overall numbers lower than other organizations.
The Orlamu Order of Secrets keeps a very low profile, both within the Theocracy and throughout the Stellar Ring. Their comparatively small numbers help, as well. Because of this, they don‟t garner the same kind of reputation as the Nariac Intelligence Directorate or the Concord Intelligence Bureau, but their methods of gathering information prove equally effective.

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