Even after losing the Battle of Songham in 2401, the Thuldan Empire was just stalled, not losing. As the years dragged on, though, and conquered StarMech and Taurean systems became ravaged by war, the Thuldan Empire found itself on the defensive more and more. Following the untimely death of Katrina Gatanita in 2464, the Solar High Admiral Madubuike was launching heavy new assaults along the Empire’s border. The Orion League’s Star Marshall at the time, Alexander Foss, took advantage of the situation and ordered a daring series of feints and maneuvers with the 6th Orion fleet. The task force was led by Fleet Admiral Charles Brandon and the fortress ship OLS Magnus. Their true objective was a raid on the Hammer system, and they nearly achieved it.
The Magnus and its fleet evaded several attempts to intercept them, scattering numerous patrols and flotillas along their path deep into Thuldan territory. In the end, Field Marshall Antonius Candrella and his fortress ship, the ITV Leonidas led a makeshift task force to intercept the Orion fleet at Ontra, an uninhabited waypoint. Antonius’ outnumbered force fought long and hard against the Orion armada. If they failed, the Orions may have been able to meet up with the Solar fleets, or even attack Thuldan Prime itself. The Thuldans were fierce, but the Orions were led by a master tactician. In the end, Field Marshall Candrella inflicted enough damage to the Orions to prompt their withdraw from imperial space towards StarMech territory. The Thuldan task force, however, was devastated. Field Marshall Antonius Candrella was dead. The ITV Leonidas was destroyed, the first and only imperial fortress ship lost during the war. The following year, Emperor Regist met with Orion President Warthen Hale at Alkaid to discuss the possibility of peace.
Today, the Ontra system remains largely uninhabited. The desiccated carcass of the Leonidas floats through space. Although its remaining valuable systems were salvaged, Emperor Regist forbade the wreck be transformed into any sort of space station of defense platform. “Some defeats are best remembered,” he said. Only a lunar listening post and its workforce live in Ontra.

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