RCV Oneagle
RCV Oneagle
Class Executive Class
Size Colassal
Frame Dreadnought
Owner Rigunmor Star Consortium
Operator Rigunmor Consortium Navy
Status Active

The RCV Oneagle is the flagship of the Rigunmor Star Consortium. Originally constructed during the 2nd Galactic War, and originally named Rheosky, the ship first rolled off the Antares Shipyards assembly line in 2381. While the Rigunmor fleet was racing VoidCorp to the center of the crumbling Dreth Commonwealth, Executive Guilder Evan Rheosky and his bureaucracy settled into the new center of Rigunmor politics.

A Brief History of the Ship

The Owners

As the largest dreadnought ship ever constructed, the Rheosky served with distinction in the last century of the war, changing hands and names with several executive guilders along the way. In 2405, Executive Guilder Rheosky lost his position, and the ship became the Prinicep. Armond Prinicep then remained at the top of the Consortium until he died of natural causes in 2445. The title of Executive Guilder and the flagship then passed briefly through a series of Executive Guilders. Lita G. McGowan held the position for three years, replaced by Orson Sorenson in 2448. By 2453, Sorenson was overcome by Gregory Remuis for the next decade. In 2463, Allison Breel had the name Remuis removed from the ship, and replaced it with Breel. In 2494, several years after helping to establish the Treaty of Concord, she died in office. Executive Guilder Breel was succeeded by the then head of the Finance Committee, Atha Oneagle.

Special Tech

During its many years of service, the Oneagle has consistently updated itself with the newest scientific and military systems. Most notable among these are the unique technologies developed by the mechalus of the Aleerin Sector. As a whole, human science has never delved very far into the field of anti-matter technology research, but the mechalus have. The result of the Rigunmor-Aleerin alliance gives the Star Consortium limited access to closely guarded technology currently unavailable to the rest of the Stellar Ring.

In 2373, during the planning stages of the newly commissioned vessel, Executive Guilder Evan Rheosky signed a contract with several Aleerin-owned companies providing the fortress ship with a mechalus computer core and an array of matter technology weapons. In return, mechalus military personnel would be trained to operate the computer systems by the Aleerin Affairs Committee, and no attempt would be made to reverse-engineer the matter weapons under penalty of hefty fines and removal of the systems. In addition, the Aleerin companies would receive a modest annual payment for upgrades and maintenance of the systems. Neither of the involved parties has violated the agreement to date.

The Oneagle’s Stardrive

While all fortress ships, as well as the Galactic Concord’s Lighthouse, have a standard starfall range of 50 light years, the Oneagle does not. It travels farther. Rumors abound throughout the Stellar Ring as to its capabilities. Some of these rumors place the starfall range above 60 light years, and others around 70!

The truth of the matter is that the Oneagle can regularly make starfalls of up to 60 light years, and can occasionally make jumps of up to 65 light years, though careful preparations must be made before such a trip. The engineering crew must spend several days of preparation in order for the stardrive and mass reactors to handle the stress of exceeding 60 light years.

Power Players of the Oneagle

More than simply the flagship of the Rigunmor Consortium Navy, the Oneagle is also the center of government and administration to all of Rigunmor space. A careful observer can find endless political scheming onboard, both foreign and domestic. The following represent most of the major individuals of influence who make their home on Oneagle.

Many of the individuals/groups referred to below are discussed in greater detail in the preceding People of the Rigunmor Star Consortium chapter.


While most nations keep their bureaucracies safely stationed in their capitol star system, the Rigunmors prefer the mobility offered by the Oneagle. The Star Consortium purposefully keeps its capitol world of Bazaar free of political dealings in lieu of a better business environment. Thus, the administration of the Consortium live aboard the Oneagle unless away on business or pleasure.

Executive Guilder Atha Oneagle

The Executive Guilder makes her permanent residence aboard the capitol ship.

The Advisory Board

The chairmen of all ten capitol committees maintain offices and residences aboard the Oneagle, even while out of Rigunmor space for extended business.

The Guilders

All other guilders (whether members of capitol or common committees) have both offices and residency aboard, unless they have requested otherwise.

The High Court of Finance

Representing the highest court in the Consortium, all nine justices live and work aboard the Oneagle. When appropriate, the ship travels to suit the court’s judiciary needs.

Foreign Diplomats

When foreign dignitaries visit the Rigunmor Star Consortium, they almost always find their way to the Oneagle, where guest quarters are prepared. Almost all nations have permanently assigned ambassadors staying aboard to constantly maintain communication with the Rigunmor bureaucrats and their movements.

Ambassador Ca’lassh

As the official emissary of the Galactic Concord, Ambassador Ca’lassh (Tm/Con-cord/DTO-7) tries his best to keep tabs on high-level Rigunmor business. He takes care to maintain a positive relationship with the Rigunmor government and ensures that Concord policy is observed. He regularly transmits status reports back to Concord space.


VoidCorp is the only stellar nation without a permanent ambassador onboard. The reason for this is that Atha Oneagle won’t allow it. In fact, VoidCorp is forced to rotate their diplomats every three months; a horrid inconvenience that Concord Ambassador Ca’lassh has unsuccessfully lobbied Atha Oneagle to change.

The current VoidCorp representative is Craig Goerinni (ME957 31EKP). Although newly arrived, he has received a full briefing by the company, and intends to carry out their orders for the duration of his stay.


As the largest ship ever constructed, the Oneagle necessitates an enormous crew of just over 12,000 hands to keep it running at peak performance levels. If not for the artificial intelligence also serving the shipborne-Grid, the Oneagle would need an even larger crew. Approximately 10,800 of these individuals are enlisted naval officers, and 1200 are commissioned officers. A regiment of 1060 troops from the Rigunmor Army also garrisons the ship providing security detail, escort duties, and the occasional military operation, as needed. The Oneagle contains over 60 different sectors, and requires exceptionally trained (or wealthy) men and women to run them. Some of these individuals are examined in more detail, below.

Admiral Harmon Blake

At 125 years of age, Harmon Blake (Hm/Rigunmor/DCS-15) still has several decades of service ahead of him. The catch is, he’s perfectly happy with where his current position: the commanding officer of the Rigunmor flagship. Originally, he served as a rear-admiral and 1st officer under Executive Guilder Breel’s command. When the flagship’s full admiral passed away, Breel promoted Harmon to fill the post. In 2494, when Atha took the reigns of power, she decided to keep Blake around for his experience and dedication to the job.

Recently, curious individuals have investigated the death of Blake’s predecessor, Admiral Timothy Orrs. Conspiracy theories exist that perhaps some foul play occurred during GW2 that wartime activities did not allow the proper time to thoroughly examine. Blake is currently unaware of the investigation, but will he remain so, and does he have something to hide?

Commodore Tilane Miller

Tilane Miller (Hm/Rigunmor/DFA-12) is a decorated veteran of GW2, having served with distinction on the VoidCorp front. He was first brought aboard the Oneagle as executive officer when Atha took the reins of leadership. In his position, Miller acts as the link between the other officers and Admiral Blake, carrying enormous power over day-to-day operations. In fact, few cases exist in which the first officer must clear his decisions with the Admiral.

Commander Karess N’thenne

Commander Karess N’thenne (Mf/Rigunmor/TO-17) is the head of Ship Engineering. Among her most challenging duties are the upkeep of the Oneagle’s PL8 computer core (provided from the Aleerin home world) and the operation of the ship’s unique stardrive. Both systems are operated by lieutenant commanders that answer directly to Karess. Nathan Pariah (Hm/Rigunmor/TO-15) controls maintenance of the stardrive, and Aantwarr Zzaks (Mm/Rigunmor/TO-14) oversees computer operations.

Commander N’thenne is a close friend of Jegaris Zakum (Mm/Rigunmor/DFA-16), the chairman of the Aleerin Affairs Committee, and many believe his influence led to her current assignment. Karess, for her part, denies it.

Commander Jasqual Nihajja

Jasqual Nihajja (Hm/Rigunmor/FA-14) is the security chief of the Oneagle. One hundred security suites throughout the ship monitor the safety of over 1000 bureaucrats and civilians, including the Executive Guilder and the rest of the Rigunmor government. Nihajja also maintains tight security over the most integral ship systems. He developed a cold hatred for VoidCorp during the final years of the Second Galactic War, and constantly seeks to root out the corporate nation’s various spies as they come aboard.

Commander Nihajja’s trusted second in command is lieutenant commander Daash Mereel (Fm/Rigunmor/MW-13), a talented fraal mindwalker. Daash’s talents make him indispensable in his job.
One of Jasqual’s other men, lieutenant Luiss Solomon (Hm/Rigunmor/DTO-9), has a project kept secret from Commander Nihajja. Solomon leads the investigation of the death of Admiral Orrs, the previous commanding officer of the Oneagle. Solomon doesn’t know yet whether Admiral Blake had anything to do with his predecessor’s death. Even if he didn’t, something could perhaps be arranged to indicate his involvement. Lieutenant Solomon isn’t carrying on this private research out of a personal hatred of Admiral Blake, but he is being paid a great deal by his employer.

Warrant Officer Vincent Santoro

Warrant Officer Vincent Santoro (Hm/Rigunmor/CS-21) is one of two such enlisted men in the Rigunmor Navy. At the age of 176 years old, he came to the Oneagle in 2494, when it was renamed upon Atha’s ascension, to act as a special advisor to the Military Assets Committee, currently headed by his old friend Guilder Russel Xar.

His second reason for serving on the Oneagle is Atha Oneagle’s personal invitation. The Executive Guilder requested that he take an office on the flagship so he could keep close watch on the activities of Guilder Joseph Varcan, the head of the Finance Committee. Vincent, in return, receives special tax benefits befitting his rank of Warrant Officer.


Despite the jokes otherwise, F.I.S.H. stands for Fully Integrated Ship Hand. F.I.S.H., the Oneagle’s artificial intelligence has existed in the ship’s local Grid system since the original commissioning of the vessel. The sentient program even devised its own very accurate designation.

Officially, F.I.S.H. (AI-29) carries the rank of Captain, but it rarely gives official orders or pulls rank, although it has exercised that ability from time to time. As the Oneagle’s AI, it is present in all ship systems, regulates important ship functions, helps monitor security, and handles requests and problems from hundreds of passengers and crewmen every minute of the day.

While part of a military vessel, F.I.S.H. also contains programming for casual interface with non-military personnel, and has developed its own unique personality over the past hundred-plus years of service. F.I.S.H. most closely associates with Executive Guilder Oneagle, lieutenant commander Aantwarr Zzaks, and Guilder Riggis Olantron, the chairman of Internal Evaluation.

Commander Elaine Hutchinson

With well over 1000 non-military personnel constantly aboard the Oneagle, the ship must accommodate an endless stream of civilian and bureaucratic needs. To fill these demands, Commander Elaine Hutchinson (Hf/Rigunmor/DFA-12) heads the Passenger Relations department of the ship. With a team of several hundred assistants, she ensures the comfort of all the Oneagle’s government, civilian, and foreign guests. Often, she personally welcomes important dignitaries to the ship, and maintains a friendly relationship with Atha Oneagle herself.

Hutchinson’s department also oversees the Business Mall sector of the ship, where shops and restaurants cater to the passengers. Other commanders joke that Elaine could keep her post with only auditing the tips she receives.


The Comet’s Path

Located in Oneagle’s Business Mall sector, The Comet’s Path is an upscale restaurant frequented by numerous guilders and dignitaries. A careful listener may overhear deals in development throughout the Consortium.

The Comet holds a more sinister importance than just a place to hear news from bureaucrats, however. In the form of the restaurant’s maitre’dee, Eli Witiker (Hm/VoidCorp/DFA-9) is an Inseer immigrant by government record, but in reality, a VoidCorp spy. Eli (HN348 17KEO) keeps an ear out for important news brewing on board, and has made more than a few friends among the guilders, particularly the Communications Media Committee. He takes leave from The Comet’s Path four to five times a year to send reports back to VoidCorp, and has thus far avoided discovery.

David Coreeno

Only 34 years old, David Coreeno (Hm/Borealin/-DMW-7) is the onboard representative for Celestial Entertainment Limited and all its subsidiary companies. Though everyone in the Stellar Ring is aware of his family’s criminal reputation, David maintains the front of a serious businessman. He often associates with Guilder Marcus Tambrin of the Foreign Relations Committee.

RCV Oneagle
Executive Class Fortress Ship
SIDC: RCVRSCX175Ω-90077Ρ 'Oneagle'
Target Modifier: -5 Armor: LI d8+3/ HI d8+3/ En d8+3 Crew Quality: Veteran
Toughness: Super Heavy Crew Check: 14
Maneuverability: Class 1 Acceleration: 2 Total Crew: 12,000 hands
Stun: 406 Wound: 406 Mortal: 203 Critical: 102
Weapon Range Acc Type Grade Modes O/G/A Damage
Matter Beams 2/5/10 -2* En Medium F/G 2d6+1w / 2d8+1w / 2d8m
Heavy Matter Beams 4/8/16 +1* En Heavy F/G 2d6+1m / 2d8+1m / 2d8c
Heavy Plasma Beams 2/4/8 -2* En Light F/G d8+2w / d12+2w / d8+2m
Plasma Torpedoes 3/6/9 +1 En Heavy F 3d6s / 3d6w / d8+3m
Missile Tubes & Ordinance Arrays have statistics as per missile types
*Taking into account the fire control systems

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